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Creative Laboratory in Shygyrdan

Creative Laboratory in Shygyrdan

October 27 in the framework of the scientific-practical conference “Shygyrdan ukulary” a creative laboratory will be held on “ethnic and national, elite and mass culture. Subcultures and counterculture in terms of rural development, a concert of people’s folk – pop ensemble “Mishars “, titled “Bez Avylnyklar”(We are from the village).

The concert is held by Ferit Gibatdinov, Honored Worker of Culture of the Chuvash Republic and the Republic of Tatarstan, with the participation of the national folk-pop group “Mishars” of Urmaevsky KFOR, the winner of the International TV Festival “7 Yoldyz” International Festival “Urman zalida”, “Fomget”, “Altyn Gunesh” (Turkey), All-Russia festival “Tugyaryak uen”, with the participation of soloists of the ensemble “Mishars”:

  • Ildus Shaydullin, the winner of the title of the Grand Prix of the International Festival “Irtysh tannary” in Kazakhstan, “Urman mony”, “Urman zalida” in Chuvashia, festival named after Ilham Shakirov “Tatar mony” in Kazan;
  • Rezilya Sereneeva, the winner of the All-Russian contest “Avyl kyzy”, International Festival “Urman Mon”, “Urman zalida”, “Miras” in Chuvashia, “Etnomiriada” Kazan, fourth-year lady-student of Cheboksary musical college named after F.Pavlov;
  • Ilnar Khisamov, the winner of the international contest “Tatar Mon”, “Urman mony”, “Urman zalida”, “Ural Sandugach”;
  • Nail and Gulnara Sharipovs, the winners of the International Festival “Urman mony”, “Urman zalida” All-Russia festival “Tugyaryak uen”;
  • Azat Faskhutdinov, the winner of the International Festival “Urman mony”, “Urman zalida”, International Festival “Altin Maidan-Elbrus”, the All-Russia festival “Tugyaryak uen.

The program of songs and dances of ethnic Tatars Mishars, authors of Tatar, Chuvash, Russian composers.

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