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Culinary Contest  held in Kazakhstan

Culinary Contest  held in Kazakhstan

February 27, 2020

.On February 27, the “East Kazakhstan Regional Tatar Community Center”, led by Kamiliya Ismailova, held a traditional culinary contest “Tatar Halyk Ashlary Bik Tamle hyam Faydaly”, dedicated to the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Assembly of the Peoples of Kazakhstan and the 30th anniversary of the Tatar Center

The aim of the contest  was the revival of traditional Tatar cuisine; demonstration of the variety of Tatar dishes; identification and promotion of the best craftsmen who preserve national traditions.

This year, this competition collects a large number of true culinary specialists. This year 32     dishes have been  presented.

The jury members – great connoisseurs of Tatar cuisine, under the chairmanship of the deputy mayor of the city of Semey A. Sadyrbaev, tasted each dish. When summing up the results, both the recipe of the dish and its presentation were taken into account. The undisputed winner became  Zur Blesh, presented by Izmailova Tahira. The first place was unanimously awarded to a dish called Kullama, which was prepared from horse meat and dough by Sayfullin Takhir, director of the Borodulikhinsky branch of the East Kazakhstan Regional Tatar Public Center.

All participants of the contest were awarded souvenirs and letters of thanks.

NGO “East Kazakhstan Regional

Tatar Community Center



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