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Get-togethers   of Omsk Tatarchki

Get-togethers   of Omsk Tatarchki



It has become a good tradition to hold  gatherings in the women’s club “Ak kalfak” in Omsk.


On every Wednesday of the week, women gather in the club “Ak kalfak” and communicate on various topics. Mainly by interests.


Recently, in the club, a craftswoman in Tatar national cuisine Sadia Mukhametshina held a master class.


As a result, it was possible to enjoy such treats as “Ochpochmak”, “as Burak”, “Vak Balesh”.


We invite Omsk people to our get-together. Come, join, perhaps you have your own recipes of the old Tatar cuisine or just have a desire to talk.


Fagilya Chumarova, Omsk






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