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Denis Murtazin, the Russian select team hope

Denis Murtazin, the Russian select team hope

Today, in Salavat town (Bashkortostan), the World Championship on Belt Wrestling has opened.

About 300 athletes from Russia, USA, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Turkey, Mongolia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Estonia and other countries have gathered to prove their skills.

The national select team of Russia includes an award-winning wrestler of the Republic of Mordovia, a two-time world champion, a four-time champion of Russia, a two-time World Cup on belt Wrestling Denis Murtazin. Denis – a native of the village Penzyatka Lyambir region. Today in belt Wrestling freestyle in weight category of 68 kg Denis is the most powerful athlete in the country, he confirmed it four times in championships of Russia, and one of the strongest in the world. His competitors were able to see it in the world championships in Kyrgyzstan and the Republic of Togo (West Africa). At 27, he has won almost all possible titles in sport. Unfortunately, the belt-wrestling is not included in the list of Olympic sports, so an Olympic medal – the only prize that a young athlete will not be able to possess.

We hope that the wrestler from Mordovia will for the third time win the world title. Yunir Safiullovich Arikov helps to coach him hard to meet the end. In addition, the training camp in Ramenskoye near Moscow, which ended a week ago, they trained together with Roman Yusupov, who also goes to the competition in Salavat. A senior fellow at the team knows how to find the right words to cheer up, to help focus on winning . We wish good luck to our wrestlers on upcoming events and, of course , bring plenty of “gold” in a treasury of our team.

Elvira Baybekova, Mordovia

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