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Educational and practical school “Akyl  Fabrikasy”

Educational and practical school “Akyl Fabrikasy”

The platform  “Akyl  Fabrikasy”,  the  topic: “Education and development of the child”, lectures and seminars, the experience of foreign countries, a panel discussion, modern methods of early development, the  foresight session “model of the future of pre-school education”

From  February 6 to 7  in Kazan an  educational and practical school “Akyl Fabrikasy” on the topic. “Education and Child Development” School participants – parents, educators, teachers and just interested people  will be held!

The lecturers of the school “Akyl Fabrikasy”   will be leaders of public organizations, heads of childcare centers and teachers of pre-school education of the Republic of Tatarstan. Education and project activities will be organized in “Parenting and child development.” As part of the school will be workshops to promote joint projects, a workshop with the creators of children’s centers. There will also be organized foresight session “future model of preschool education», definition  of the  trends in the development of activities, the formation of a model for future development on the basis of a collective brainstorming techniques. Creating  a clear motivating general vision. Creating a framework for effective decision making.

Topics of lectures and seminars will be devoted to the peculiarities of the early development of the Tatar language, education of children in the city, the main components of a successful early development, religious education, home schooling, development outside of school, family experience of spiritual education, poly- language   education.

Members of the school “Akyl Fabrikasy” will be able to apply their competencies most effective way to self-realization of  their  talent for development and education of children, education and the formation of children’s centers.

Events will take place in both official languages ​​of the Republic of Tatarstan. The participantsm having  passed  a two-day course,  will receive a license certificate of completion from the School of Education Institute of the Republic of Tatarstan and the World Forum of Tatar youth.

Video announcement – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYei61-nCKY

February 6 at 10:00 will be held the official opening of the school “Akyl Fabrikasy” themed  “Education and Child Development”

School Organizers:   World Forum of Tatar Youth, children’s center “Sabyylar”,   “Magarif” magazine

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