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Embroidery master class

Embroidery master class

The Penza regional public organization of Tatar women Ak Kalfak conducted an on-site master-class on embroidery in the village of Kobylkino,   the Kamensky District, Penza Region.

1500 people live in the village. The school teaches  the Tatar language.

The village lives and thrives. The village is decorated with large beautiful houses. None of the villages of the Kamensky district has such a buildings as in Kobylkino. And Kobylkino is also famous for its people, hardworking, diligent, kind and hospitable. They breed domestic animals: in almost every yard there are 2 two cows, calves, horse, sheep and poultry. The villagers bring up children, teach them, see off  them to an independent life, work for the good of their native land.

Upon  the end of the master class  tea party with peremyach (patty with meat filling) . Ak Kalfak residents outlined plans for the coming months: at the request of the girls, to repeat the master class on sewing Kalafak, and also in December scheduled to hold a “Kaz omese”.

Sincerely, Chairman of the Public Corporation “Ak Kalfak”
Elmira Vasilyeva

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