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Events dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Musa Jalil to be held in Germany and Russia

Events dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Musa Jalil to be held in Germany and Russia

The 110th anniversary of the poet, Hero of the Soviet Union Musa Jalil will be celebrated widely in Russia and abroad, said First Deputy Minister of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan Elvira Kamalova.

The poet will be remembered February 15, the day of his birth. On this day at the National Museum of Tatarstan International scientific-practical conference “Dzhalilovskiye chteniya (Jalil readings)” starts, the theme of which will be the life and work of the poet in the light of the values of the 21st century. The conference will be attended by dzhalil studies specialists, representatives of science, art, etc. Also, a visit by director of the Institute of Caucasus, Tatar and Turkestan studies of German Magdeburg Mieste Hottop Rica is expected, which will demonstrate a unique find in Kazan – a record of how the fellow in arms of Musa Jalil sing songs in Moabit prison.

On the same day on the May 1 square at the monument to the poet a meeting will take place, which is to be attended by representatives of the cultural community of Tatarstan, and the republic’s leadership.

On February 15 the events will not be over: RT National museum for one day presents a broad public the originals of “Moabit Notebook”. February 16, at the gallery “Hazine” a retrospective exhibition of Tatarstan artists dedicated to scenes from the life of the poet will open.

“The Ministry of Culture promotes the request sending the artists at the request of the German side. Berlin and Magdeburg will host an event that is to be attended by artists from our country. In particular, on February 25 the artists of the Kazan State Conservatory and daughter of Musa Jalil, Chulpan Zalilova will go to Berlin “- Elvira Kamalova said.

As for Russia, in addition to Kazan, large-scale events to mark the day of his birth will be held in his homeland – in Orenburg, where the national poet of Tatarstan Robert Minnullin and singer Rustem Asaev are leaving for. In addition, most of the creative team will travel to Chelyabinsk.

“Overall, this is a very important event. They play a major role in the patriotic education of youth. 110th anniversary of Musa Jalil – very bright and symbolic date of 2016. It is very pleasant that the poet’s birthday, the hero of the country, a sample to follow in terms of social responsibility and a position of the citizen, is so widely celebrated, “- Elvira Kamalova added.


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