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Everyone knew her as Masha.

Everyone knew her as Masha.


September 21, 2019

Thanks to a unique search operation with anthropological expertise and a DNA test, the Oryol searchers  returned from the last battle the nurse Masha, who died during the liberation of the Oryol region from the Nazi invaders. But her simple name was specified for more than two years. The girl’s homeland was Tatarstan, where the other day she found peace. Her real name also became known.

The history of the 22-year-old nurse from Buinsk was collected by searchers  for two years. In 2017, they, working in the forests of the Oryol Polesie National Park, found an impersonal grave hill. Later, old-timers of Polesie villages will say that Masha, the medical orderly from the hospital, who always helped the locals, is resting here.

Vladimir Yudin, search engine MPO “Bonfire”:

The remains lay in the correct anatomical order, lay on a statutory army stretcher, the body was covered with an overcoat from above. On the bone remains were characteristic mine explosive damage.

Fragments of a mine killed Masha in late July 1943. The fiercest battles in the history of the Oryol region fell on her share – almost half a million dead. But the search engines knew what to look for – there was only one girl’s name in the lists of losses of medical battalions.

Nikolai Krasikov, head of the MPO “Кoster”:

Musina Rakia Nigmatzyanovna. She was remembered not as Musina, but as Masha. This made it possible to confirm the presence of the burial of Musina Rakia and to assume that it was in front of us.

Later, the searchers  were able to reach the relatives of the nurse. They also tried to find out about her fate and sent a photo of Rakia Musina to Oryol. This made it possible to conduct an anthropological examination, which showed a seventy percent probability that the girl found by the searchers in the photo was exactly. A DNA analysis confirmed the relationship of the deceased with her sister looking for her.

And although the war for Rakia ended in 1943, from the last battle home to Tatarstan, she returned only this September. From Orel, she was carried out according to Muslim traditions, according to them she was buried in her native Buinsk.

Searchers say that the search operation was unique. Using DNA expertise in Russia, only a dozen fighters of the Red Army were restored. And Rakia Musina became one of them.



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