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February 15-16, Kazan will host the International Conference “Dzhalilovskie chnetinya  (Jalil  readings)»

February 15-16, Kazan will host the International Conference “Dzhalilovskie chnetinya (Jalil readings)»

As part of the commemorative events dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Tatar poet-hero Musa Jalil  February 15-16,  International scientific conference “Jalil readings” are due to held.

The conference is organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan Federal University.

The main theme: “Musa Jalil: life and work through the prism of the values ​​of the XXI century.” Despite the fact that the biography and work of Musa Jalil are  widely studied, and there is even a whole scientific direction – dzhalilovedenie(Jalil studies), there are many aspects of the problem, and that again and again forced to turn to the fate and work of M. Jalil, the history of the Tatar people and history of  our republic.

The current generation should know people like Musa Jalil, since his fate has become a reflection of the difficult and sometimes tragic years of world history, and his life – a symbol of faith, heroism and courage.

At the conference, on  discussion platforms  meetings and  thematic sections,  round tables will consider the  issues related to updating and translating  historical memory and heroism, a literary heritage of the poet, a reflection of the fate of the characters in museum exhibitions.

The conference to be attended by researchers from Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Germany. Among the guests of honor: the daughter of the poet Chulpan Zalilova (Moscow) and director IKATAT Magdeburg, Berlin, Vice-President of the Society for Assistance to Eastern Europe Mieste Hotopp Rica (Magdeburg).

The program included plenary session ceremony of “The Day of  original”, for the first time within the walls of the Kazan Federal University Moabit Notebook   by  Musa Jalil to be displayed.

This year marks 50 years from the date of obtaining  the Moabit  Notebook  to  the funds of the  RT  National Museum. At the opening of the conference  the start of  All-Russia cultural action “We read Moabit Notebook” to be given. The event  to be    opened  by  the poet’s daughter – Chulpan Museevna Zalilova.

The first day of the conference will include a presentation of the documentary film “War of the Unforgiven” (directed by Denis Krasilnikov), which ranked first among documentaries at the Festival of Muslim Cinema in 2015. After watching,  a round table will take place  among participants  Doctor of Sc (History) Iskander Gilyazov, D.Sc. Aislu Kabirov, C. Sc.  Rustem  Gainutdinov Head of the Second World War memorial museum Mikhail Cherepanov et al.

The conference on-line will be attended by researchers from Berlin, Prague, Moscow, village Mustafino – “small homeland” of the poet.

February 16,  the conference will continue on the grounds of the Museum-apartment Musa Jalil and the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication   named after  L.N. Tolstoy Kazan Federal University.


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