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Federal Sabantui on  Astrakhan land

Federal Sabantui on Astrakhan land

Everyone knows the significance of any national holiday for the peoples of Russia. One of those is the Sabantui holiday, which is held annually in the regions of the Russian Federation and beyond. Sabantui traditionally unites the culture of peoples inhabiting our country.

On May 12-13, 2017,  Federal Sabantui is again held in the Astrakhan region. The active of the Astrakhan regional public organization – the society of the Tatar national culture “Duslyk” already has experience of holding the Sabantui holiday of federal significance. In 2008, the Federal Sabantui was held in the Astrakhan region. The festive event is included in the program of events to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Astrakhan province.

Holding of the Federal Sabantui is planned on the site of the Central Stadium in Astrakhan, which accommodates up to 35,000 people on its territory. The organization and holding of the event is accompanied by a large information campaign. According to preliminary estimates, on the above days more than a thousand guests will arrive in the region, both from the majority of the subjects of the Russian Federation, and from the far and near abroad.

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