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Festival of tea

Festival of tea

A very nice event took place in the village Toykino of the Aznakaevo region of Tatarstan at the end of 2016 – “Festival of Tea”.

This festival has been arranged for single people, as a continuation of the project “Par kanatlar”. The guests came from different villages: Toykino, Uchalle, Manauz, Balanly Bulek.

Employees of the club organized an exhibition of different varieties of tea, including collection of herbs, bouquet of dried plants. Games and competitions were held on the subject that brings together men and women, guests prepared theatrical and musical performances. During a tea party a thematic conversation was going about the benefits of tea and herbs, the stories were told of the origin of the drink.

At the end, all the participants were invited to February 14 “Valentine’s Day” to the village Manauz, where the director of rural cultural centers organize the project “Let’s get married!”

Raisa Motygullina

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