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Festival “Pechen bazaar”

Festival “Pechen bazaar”

August 7, 2016, in Kazan, already having become an annual tradition Festival “Pechen bazaar” ( “Hay Market”) will be held. As part of the “Hay market” directly a fair, Tatar food court, playground from the center “Sabyylar”, DJ-set, “Park of reading “, installation of the Tatar letters “Uky”, art object “Kisekbash”, excursion “My Tatar Sloboda “, an art action” Nokta.Mechet “, poetry performance, a gift from a family guidebook publisher “Yulbasma ” and scientific newspaper” Gyylem ” will take place.

A venue for the festival will be the Kaban lake, embankment in Old Tatar settlement.


The fair will feature products of designers with a national Tatar component from Moscow, Kazan, Perm and for the first time from Ufa, Chelyabinsk and Tyumen. Art pieces,

souvenirs, handicrafts, stylized Tatar clothes, shoes national, modern literature, rare books and much more – all this will be available at the fair. turdestinatsii Development Programme «Visit Tatarstan» presents a modern line of souvenir products. Everyone will be able to purchase for himself or friends a bright backpack, stylish case for mobile phone, a set of original icons, umbrella, stylized cakes, warm socks.

The festival will arrange a dress-crossing, where you can free to get rid of unwanted and annoying things, and find new ones – we expect that everyone will bring, at least half of his wardrobe!

During the fair, young actors will recreate the atmosphere of the beginning of XX century – the heyday of the Tatar cultural life. Residents of Kazan will be able to get acquainted with the way of life, style of dress the beginning of the XX century, as well as to feel themselves representatives of the era.

Participants are encouraged to wear national dress, elements of Tatar urban residents of that era. A kind of

dress code. If someone does not have a dress, it can be purchased directly at the fair, since the festival will represent Tatar headgear, stylized Tatar clothing from leading designers of the city and much more.

Food court

Food court is represented by a network of fast food form Tatar “Tubetey” collective, the collective of “Vegan Day”, along with brand falafel will present a special dedicated to the event, the line of Tatar cuisine, adapted to the vegetarian – and it’s all your favorite belesh and treugolnik! Also, you can taste the delicacies of the Tatar villages, «Bal-dan» – a gentle cream-honey from the honey herbs collected from ecologically clean places of Tatarstan. Pastry studio “Maryam” will bring fresh delicious desserts and pastries, while “Happy Ice” especially for “Hay market,” will present ice cream with Tatar powder and cookies.

PARK of READING – Book crossing

As part of the campaign “Pechen bazaar”, the “Reading Park” project will be organized – Literary Park. On the territory of the Literary Park racks will be installed with the Tatar books with the word “Uky” where everyone will be able to stay in the company of his favorite book. It also will include a presentation of new books from Moscow, recitation of poems, Tatar Book crossing of rare books, a free microphone. Especially for the Hay market an art object “Kisekbash” by Gabdulla Tukai’s poem, a hero “Kisekbash” will be developed.

Poetic performance

Poetic performance: word and music are counteracted ! Young poets reading their poems, but they do not know what kind of music was picked by DJs. New Kazan poetry – and diverse accompaniment. It can be heard only at the Sennoy market.

Artistic action “NOKTA.MECHET”

Mosque – is not just a community gathering point, the center of the quarter, a place of power. Persently, more

than fifty mosques there are on Kazan, and how many were for the history of the city! Artists will imagine on what streets they could be located, and right at the “Hay market,” draw pictures on this topic.

Excursion “My Tatar settlement”

We invite you to an unusual tour of the Old Tatar settlement. All day long, it would spoken of only what they see necessary, the people who lived in it, or just live – seriously love this beautiful part of the city. Tours will be conducted by RT Honored architect Aivar Sattar, Aide to Tatarstan President Olesya Baltusova, head of the literary department of Kamal TSAT Kamal Iglamov, Niyaz Iglamov , an old-timer of Old Tatar settlement Nuriya Biktimirova.


DJ-set – the best new music and archive of Tatar collected label «Yummy Music».


Playground for children will be organized by children’s center “Sabyylar”. It is the only in Tatarstan Early Development Center, which offers activities for children in the Tatar language. It is in the “Sabyylar” all the modern methods of the early development work in the synthesis of Tatar mentality. The disc “Syalam, dustem!” wWith Tatar songs based on the Zheleznovs motives has inspired thousands of moms engaged with their child in the Tatar language.

“Sabyylar” will offer an exciting and multifaceted program for children of all ages. The form of quest on Tatar fairy tales, stories and traditions will simultaneously get to know different children and get interested in the Tatar culture. Quiz, creative workshop, traditional and fiery competition and job skill development of fine motility skills – everywhere the child and her mother will be able to join the Tatar culture. Participants of the quest will receive a ticket to a theatrical fairy tale “Kisekbash”. “Sabyylar” also prepared a musical piece with a fascinating exercise for

the little ones. Every kid will be able to read a verse, sing and dance.


“Old Tatar settlement. Walking “- is an illustrated guide to the historical part of Kazan, where until the early 20th century lived mainly Tatars. In a simple and fascinating way telling the names of prominent and iconic events of Kazan and Kazan Tatars, the authors offer a guide to plunge into the history of the Old Tatar settlement. You will be able to see how over the centuries changed the conditions of life of the Kazan Tatars, but cultural traditions at all times remained unchanged. Guide consists of a route map and detailed description of the walks at each stop route with illustrations and photographs.

Especially for the fair “Pechen Bazaar” the project “Gyylem” aimed to promote the Tatar language, prepared a self-titled magazine. You will get acquainted in it with Tatar world-renowned scientists, get useful information about stroke and learn to identify the

patient by the first signs, know how beneficial for the brain is education in two languages. Also, in this magazine you will find other places of interest and useful information for life.

Thus, one day of the Old-Tatar Sloboda will turn into a center of modern Tatar culture. All venues will become a great cultural event in the life of young people and residents of Kazan.

Festival organizers are the World Forum of Tatar youth with the support of the Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars, RT Ministry of Culture and the Prefecture of “Old Town”.

Time: 13: 00-20: 00

The fair will take place on the street along the street Marjani, the lake Kaban – at the restored Old Tatar Sloboda, where at the beginning of the XX century where in full swing Tatar life boiled, press service of the World Forum of Tatar youth infotms.

Free admission!

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