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Forum – djien took place

Forum – djien took place

On February 22, this year, participants from more than 20 community councils of Chuvashia municipalities gathered for large Tatar Forum – djien at the “Urmaevsky Information and Cultural Center”, a village Urmaevo of Komsomolsk region. Public Council – education with the participation of the public, which has an internal formalized structure, for which the public authorities and assign certain powers , and who are are consulted on adoption and implementation of government decisions. Currently, the Tatar villages, Public councils are one of the most participatory mechanisms. The main difference is the public councils greater involvement of citizens in the work of the governing bodies , these may be local authorities, the legislature or executive power.

Religious Administration of Muslims of the Chuvash Republic and the public organization “National-Cultural Autonomy of Tatars of Chuvash Republic” have done forum’s program – djien an extensive one , in complex, in two directions , first and foremost, in spiritual and educational center in the mosque “Kara Polat “, a discussion club had been organized that is, a member of the public Chamber of Russia, Mufti of Moscow, Central Russia and Chuvashia Albir hazrat Krganov met with high school pupils. The theme is one, “The Role of the Public Councils in preserving traditional Islam in the Chuvash Republic .” The second direction. Upon the end of the discussion club, all the invited guests continued to work in “Urmaev Information and Cultural Center ” – a djien – forum started, symposium of public Councils, activists of Tatar villages of the Chuvash Republic, with the theme: “Traditional social institutions of Tatars in today’s realities.” The work of djien was attended by Head of Administration of Komsomolsk region Mikhail Afanasyev, Head of Administration of Batyrevsky district Nikolai Glukhov, chairman of the national -cultural autonomy of Tatars Ferit Gibatdinov , the representative of the executive committee of the World Congress of Tatars Bulat Mardanov , chairman of Religious Board of Muslims of Chuvashia Haybullov Mansour , head of rural settlements with a population of Tatar Tatar public Komsomolsk, Batyrevsky, Yalchiksky , Kozlovsky regions, representatives of Tatars from Cheboksary , Kanash , Shumerlya . Congratulatory telegrams were received from the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Alexander Ivanov , Minister of Culture and Nationalities and archives Vadim Efimov, chairman of the executive committee of the World Congress of Tatars Rinat Zakirov.

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