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Fulfilling the will of Congress

Fulfilling the will of Congress

At the World Congress of Tatars, held in June 1992, its permanent body – the Executive Committee of the WCT was elected. The creation of this public international organization dedicated to mediation, coordination of activities, indicates the beginning of a new stage in the socio-cultural and partially in political life of the Tatar people. The situation has appeared when you can take all the people for peaceful construction, developing a national identity and to integrate with other peoples and nations. Executive Committee of the WCT did not claim to be a “national parliament”, “government”, superior intelligence of the whole ethnic group and followed the path of the peoples who have their real state. The objectives, principles and activities of the Executive Committee of the WCT disclosed in its Charter, which was approved in November 1992.

If we talk about the directions of activity of the Executive Committee of the WCT they are following:

– Collection and analysis of information on the socio-cultural and legal status of the Tatar population in the Republic of Tatarstan and regions of Tatar residence;

– Practical work to resolve problems of ethnoregional Tatars, coordinating interaction with state, public, cultural and educational, scientific and research organizations, the media, international, humanitarian and other organizations dealing with national and cultural development;

– Measures to coordinate the efforts of government agencies and institutions, public and religious organizations in accordance with their statutory requirements, the provisions of the program of institutions and organizations;

– Develop and promote implementation of targeted programs in the field of cultural development, language, culture, education, science, demography, etc .;.

– Coordination of expert work, development of practical recommendations for the public and other organizations, as well as draft laws and international agreements;

– Collection and dissemination of information about Tatarstan and Tatar people, publication of newspapers and magazines and other printed materials, preparation of radio and television programs, interaction with the media in the regions of the Tatars living;

– Generalization and promotion of decisions, other materials of the World Congress of Tatars.

Behind the restrained lines of the Charter and guidance documents there can be seen the desire to tame the emotional energy that accumulates around the social ills, including intractable national problems. Enough emotion, curses and exclamations, you need to consider action. We need a procedure of interaction of very dissimilar people, management structures, authorities and states.

So who are they, among the chosen ones, for whom voted the Congress? Most of them are leaders and tribunes are not similar. Almost none of the Board members are not shaking the masses to rally, not become familiar on TV screens and microphones. This modest workers, whose everyday work is directly related to the culture, education, national problems.

Rimzil Valeev,

magazine “Tatarstan», № 3-4, 1995

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