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Gratitude to the World Tatar Congress

Gratitude to the World Tatar Congress

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the World Tatar Congress Rinat Zakirov received a letter from the chairman of the Tatar public cultural and educational center of Tashkent  R. H Nabiullina.  It says, in part:

“Tatar cultural and educational center of Tashkent shows you its  high respect for paternal – concern for compatriots,  living outside of historic homeland – Tatarstan.

We sincerely congratulate you on the successful completion of the “World University – 2013” in  Kazan, in  organization and conduct of which the WCT   ex.com. headed by you  has contributed its mite.

On behalf of the Tatar cultural center   I  express  you the words of immense gratitude for the invitation of  Tatar youth of Uzbekistan  to Universiade. Participation  in the opening of the Universiade, meetings, cultural  program, farewell, left a huge impression on our young men. They are genuinely marveled  by the magnitude of sports facilities and the beauty of Kazan.

Tatarstan and Tatar people have proved to the world that can successfully organize and hold a   world-class event, and thus raised the ante  of Tatarstan  even higher.

We are living away from the historic homeland, in Uzbekistan,   we are of  Tatarstan, of   its  hard-working and hospitable people, and do everything possible to preserve indigenous culture, language and traditions of the people. “

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