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Great misfortune comes to Kazan

Great misfortune comes to Kazan

On Sunday evening, at half past seven, a terrible tragedy occurred at the Kazan airport. When landing, the plane Boeing 737 of “Tatarstan” air-company, which flew from Moscow to Kazan crashed.

With explosion of the plane, all 44 passengers and 6 crew members perished. Most of them – residents of Tatarstan. Among them, Irek Minnikhanov, elder son of Tatarstan President.

To investigate the causes of the crash, a special government commission was set up.

November 18, announced a day of mourning in the Republic of Tatarstan.


  1. Prof. Dr. Nadir DEVLET

    I am sending my sincere condolences to the families of those died in aviation catastrophe in Kazan, November 17th, 2013. According to the security camera record the plane didn’t simply crash. It nose-dived into the ground. It is also interesting to note that almost all officials’ persons who addressed to the press were Russians. This creates serious questions whether the Tatars don’t have suitable personnel for responsible positions or what? Buying such a 23 years old plane, which had two accidents before was not a very clever decision and it was irresponsible.

    Now after losing 50 lives there will be various prognosis: Pilotage or technical mistakes are most common. If they couldn’t find flight recorder (black box), it will be difficult to explain the reason for this disaster. Is there any hint of terroristic act? All are and will be speculated.

    After all we are very sorry for these losses and sending our condolences to the families, Republic of Tatarstan and Tatar nationals living all around the world.

  2. Bo’ten do’n’ya buylap Tatarlar mon’ayep kuz yash’la’ren tuga’la’r

    17 noyabr’ ko’nne Kazan aeroportynda ochqych chukep, 50 keshe hala’k bulganyn ishetep ku’n’elem nachar syqrap kitte. Yshanychym kamil’, bo’ten do’n’ya buylap milla’tta’shla’rem, karda’shla’rem, qayda bulsalarda, Tatarstan halqy bela’n shundy avyr faj’igany berga’ uzachaklar.
    Bo’ten Tatarstan halqyna, va’fa’t itka’nna’rnen’ yaqynnaryna minem tira’n ta’ziyane beldera’sem kila’!
    Barybyzda, Allah taga’la’dan ma’rhu’mna’rga’ j’annaryn j’a’nna’tta’n qylsyn ide dip, alarny vaqytsyz yugaltqannarga tu’zemnek ha’m sabyrlyq sorybyz!
    A’y gaziz karda’shla’rebez, kila’cha’kta’ bezne andy qaygylardan Hodayem u’ze saqlasyn ide!
    Sau bulygyz, Allahy yarda’m birsen!

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