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“Her Majesty, a Woman.” Meeting with Flora Vafina in a club “Yaroslavna”

“Her Majesty, a Woman.” Meeting with Flora Vafina in a club “Yaroslavna”

March 5, at the Central Library named after M. Yu. Lermontov of Yaroslavl city, an intellectual game for the city club “Yaroslavna” veterans on the eve of International Women’s Day was held.

A special guest of the event was the Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Flora Vafina – a song singer, member of the Russian Authors’ Society and the Russian Creative Union of Culture Workers, Moscow City Organization of the Union of Writers and translators and Chekhov Society of Russian Union of Writers.

Presentation took place thanks to the invitation of the director of CLS, the chairman of the local branch of the Kirov district of the city of Yaroslavl and member of the Board of the Regional Union of Women S.Y. Akhmetdinova.

After the first song, it became clear that the artist and the audience – the absolute co-thinkers.

Flora Vafina sincerely congratulated the women present on the upcoming holiday March 8, giving their own songs, dedicated to

Her Majesty, a Woman. “A woman without age,” “Love a woman”, “Believe!” and others subdued audience.

Under the “Admiral’s Waltz” a performer herself was invited to dance by the bravest knight of number of male students. A special gift to the Moscow guest for all participants of the meeting was the song “Librarians” to the wishes of love, health, peace and harmony to all those who in our difficult time is a vital and creative power to create and to do good. Prior, Flora Vafina had a meeting with women from Yaroslavl “Nur”, Tatar public organization, which means “Light”.

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