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Horse racing, food, folk songs and other moments of Sabantui

Horse racing, food, folk songs and other moments of Sabantui

Sabantui although being a national holiday, attracts the attention of not only the Tatars alone. Every year at the ceremony in the Samara Gagarin park one may watch thousands of people, who come to look at the diversity of ethnic cultures of the Volga people, enjoy dishes, listen to the Tatar song heritage.

Despite the scale of the oblast fete, it is not inferior to Sabantui held in rural regions. On the contrary, it even has its own advantages, and organically is perceived on the field (“Sabantui ” is translated – “The Feast of the plow”) than in the park surrounded by concrete jungles.

Another feature of Sabantui in a village – horse competitions. It is from them, the program began in a village Kamishle. 13 horses took part in five races. Riders all the year round have been preparing horses for the competition. Prizes of this year championship went to racers Kumir (rider Rushan Zaripov ftom Aznakaevo), Rez’ba (Farid Gaifullin from Old Yermakovo) Zazhigalka s (Vladimir Avankov from Chelno-Vershin ), Jamal

(Ramis Mardanov, from Naberezhnye Chelny). However, without the prize not on one of the equestrian events was left.

On the edge of the Maidan, colorful tents were settled with a reconstructed life of Tatars. Here also the fair of handicrafts got unwrapped. Those interested could take part in workshops on knitting brooms for a banya, embroidery, decorative panels, and so forth.

Not without national dishes it happened to get by. Hosts touted holiday guests to enjoy a variety of dishes. Their eyes literally were running , everywhere you look – everywhere it is beautiful and delicious. Well, what a celebration without singing and dancing. Folklore works have been performed by both professional and amateur collectives.

There was a place for sports and fun. Among the most common – jumping in bags, fins, fight bags on a log, running with an egg, running uphill, tug of war, sticks. Also, fans and sports fans could take part in competitions in weight lifting, lifting weights, climbing on horizontal and vertical poles, arm-wrestling. There was something to see and admire. Kamyshlinsky 11th school grader Almir Garipov 80 times raised the 16-pound dumbbell. Shamil Shakirov from Pokhvistnevsky region climbed to a high post for 14 seconds. Samaranian Edward Zavarozhny lifted 115-kilogram barbell.

A special place in Sabantui holds national wrestling kuresh. Wrestlers during the match abut shoulder to shoulder and towels wrapped around each other, trying to win over the opponent. The first fight began boys, then youth, and finally adults. The winners in various categories were Aivar Bilalov from Almetyevsk, Anvar Nurutdinov from Stary Usmanovo and kamyshliner Ildus Nurutdinov, having received for victory the main prize – a live ram.

Anastasia Izyumskaya, “Volga communa”

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