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Hot Italian Sabantuy

Hot Italian Sabantuy

June  26, 2019

The second in a row Sabantuy was held in sunny Italy. This time the venue was a field in nature not far from Bologna, Modena and Reggio Emilia.

Already in the early morning, representatives of the Tatar people and guests, who have Russian citizenship and are now living in Italy, began arriving at the appointed place.

The organizer of the holiday was the non-profit organization Tatar Diaspora in Italy represented by  President Lilia Shaikhieva and  Vice President Arsana Akhmetzyanova, who prepared a rich program for the beloved national holiday of the Tatar people.

Sabantuy began with the anthem of the Republic of Tatarstan and welcome  words by  Lilia Shaikhieva. Then the floor was given to the guests from Russia –  historian,  scientific director of the branch of the Institute of History after Sh. Mardzhani of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, author of books on the history of Tatars Salavat Akhmetzyanov and head of the branch of the international women’s organization Ak Kalfak Liye Akhmetzyanova living in Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk region.

And then a festive program began with  participation of guest artists from Tatarstan – Merited Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Aigul Barieva, performed by songs in the Tatar language and favorite hits by all Russians. Yevgeny Nikitin led the people in an emotional performance of the Tatar and Russian dance, and, most importantly, he invited  beautiful girls and women to the Tartar dance master class, which they did very well.

The children and their mothers enjoyed playing the national game “Break the Pot” and “Running with Spoons” and enthusiastically engaged in  manufacture of various attributes with Tatar ornament under the guidance of a guest from Magnitogorsk Liya Akhmetzyanova. And their mothers decorated festive dresses with home-made breast ornaments — izyu and stylized callouts — with headbands. The organizers presented all children with innovative children’s books in the Tatar language with a training disk.

For participants of Sabantui, an exhibition-sale of goods with a national color was organized: embroidered velvet skullcaps, T-shirts with an ornamental pattern from Tatarstan, and even beaded pectoral jewelery made by a craftswoman from Bashkortostan, as well as hand-made items from Olga Ozerova. Nora Piccinini organized a tasting of products of the Italian brand Ferrarini (wine, prosciutto, cheese).

The guests also took an active part in the festival. Beautiful Elvira Ismagilova, who is studying in Italy, presented her guests with a fiery lezginka. Beautiful poems by Alexandra Skrebkova-Tirelli performed by the author and Mila Rosinka (President of the Italian Cultural Association “Rosinka”) sounded from the stage, Olga Gagarina from Bologna performed songs. And, of course, everyone sang, danced and had fun, and most importantly, communicated with compatriots.

The surprise was the display of the Irish Lace collection by designer Alina Gysina from Ferrara, a native of Bashkortostan, and the participants themselves became models. The music was answered by Sultan Izmailov, a native of the Nizhny Novgorod region, now studying in Calabria.

Well, what about without national cuisine? Of course, there was a traditional sweet chak-chak, and meat, and Tatar pastry was made by Senora Sabrina, the owner of the pizzeria Fuori Porta from Reggio Emilia. She liked the echoma triangles so much that she included them in the menu of her restaurant. Now our triangles(ochpochmak) will be famous throughout the world, because millions of tourists come to Italy every year. Buon appetito!

Arsana Akhmetzyanova, professional translator and press secretary of the Council of Young Russian Compatriots in Italy, took  lead and organization of the cultural program.  General management,  organization of advertising and the venue for Sabantuy belong to the Diaspora president Lilia Shaikhieva.

The organizers, by the way, decided that every year Sabantuy will be held in different parts of Italy in order to be able to expand the geography of participants and their horizons.

Undoubtedly, the holiday was a success thanks to the organizers and all the guests. Our compatriots from different cities of Italy, their families, including the Italians, gathered at it. Leaving, the guests thanked for  wonderful moments and promised to look forward to the next hot Sabantui.


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