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How the Tatars survive in the Urals

How the Tatars survive in the Urals

In the Sverdlovsk region, Achitsky rayon, there is a small Tatar village Tyubyan Karshi (official name Kochkilda). Today, it is home to 53 people. According to the villagers, it is 2 times more than a few years ago.

The village Kochkilda -Tyubyan Karshi – one of the seven Tatar villages of Achitsky rayon of the Sverdlovsk region. It is the smallest and most sparsely populated among them. As of early 2015, only 53 have been registered as Kochkilda residents. Half of them – pensioners. As usual, small villages face the biggest problems connected with the availability of work for young people, a lack of schools and community facilities. By words of Rauf Munirov, head of Achitsky rayon of the Sverdlovsk region in years 1991-1996 and 2001-2008, that only in Tatar villages Nizhny Arie and Gaina there are schools. The main in Nizhny Arie – Gaina – nine-year. In other Tatar villages there are no schools, and children are transported to neighboring settlements, mostly to Russian. Lessons of Tatar language there, of course, are not taught. Therefore, there is a big problem – how to preserve the native language, and how to teach it the younger generation.

Today, the families of kochkildintsers brought up 12 children. The youngest of them – Raphael – only 2 months. His mother – Firdavisa Gappasova – village headman. She moved to the homeland of her mother from the Perm region in 2011. According to her, after the closure of the local collective farm in Kochkilde there left only 3-4 families with children. Only thanks to them their village did not disappear. Today, young families in Tyubyan Karshi became more. People began to arrive in Kochkildy three or four years ago. This was due to several factors. Firstly, from the rayon center – Achit – only 10 kilometers and 15 minutes away on the new asphalt road. Secondly, here – extraordinarily beautiful nature.

Recently, in the village, several new buildings have appeared . Mainly, they are built by future pensioners: those who are planning to return home on for a deserved rest. For example, Nagima Galiullina inherited house from her parents. Today she is a resident of the town Pervouralsk. But during summer – restores the paternal home and gardening. A resident of the other large city – Alfiya Sharifyanova – lives in Kochkilde from May to October. Over time, she plans to relocate permanently to her native village: “People are returning, we are becoming more and more. And I think that our village will become over time more and more beautiful. If we build a mosque then we will live quite well. ”

To build a mosque in the village and take the prayer today is the dream and intention of many kochkildintsers . This year they chose a place for the future Muslim temple and laid the foundation. According to the imam of Tatar Muslim community

of Kochkilda Hafiz Yanbaev in Tubyan Karshi there was a mosque before the war. New Muslim temple the villagers are going to build and open during two years.

A burning point for kochkildintsers today is the local club: one and a half years ago, it was closed. The position for club manager was cut, electricity turned off. After unsuccessful attempts to contact the administration, the villagers themselves, for their small means, repaired the club. They hold village holidays, holding an extension cord from the neighboring houses. On the 70th anniversary of the Victory – kochkildintsers held subbotnik and restored a village monument. By the 280th anniversary of the village, which is celebrated this year – we have gathered 60 thousand rubles, bought materials and built with our own hands the concert stage. The future plans of kochkildintsers – put a fence around the monument, restore the club, to build a new playground. Looking at how they are initiative, active and friendly – no doubt they will achieve all that they want.

Alfiya Gabdusheva

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