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Iftar  by   “The Shtab of Tatars  (Tatars Headquarters)” at the Yardam mosque will become traditional

Iftar  by   “The Shtab of Tatars  (Tatars Headquarters)” at the Yardam mosque will become traditional

June 02, 2019

“The Headquarters of the Tatars of Moscow” hold a solemn evening – Iftar in a mosque and  rehabilitation center for the blind “Yardam” of the city of Kazan. 1,200 people, including the blind, undergoing rehabilitation at the Yardam center, take part in the Iftar of the Kazan Yardam mosque every day. The Headquarters of the Tatars of Moscow plans to organize Iftar annually in the Yardam mosque.

Academicians, scientists, lawyers, writers, officers, bloggers, artists, singers, as well as representatives of state institutions and youth movements of Tatarstan took part in the Tatar Headquarters event. As the legendary hockey player Ravil Shavaleev noted, the expansion of its boundaries to the activity of the Tatars Headquarters will give new impetus to development.

Prior  the Iftar, there was an on-site meeting of the Officers’ Meeting of the Tatars Headquarters under the direction of Vladimir Alekseevich Fedotov. Also,  representatives of the law club “Law-Kanun” with the participation of representatives of the judiciary of Tatarstan    have gathered. The participants of the associations discussed the implemented projects and outlined the nearest events of the Tatar Headquarters clubs.

The leader of the Tatars Headquarters, Rustem Yamaleev, believes that Kazan Iftar will assist in bringing the Moscow youth together with Tatarstan. And the Yardam mosque for the Iftar was not chosen by chance, since the mosque and the Yardam foundation are engaged in a noble cause – the rehabilitation of the disabled.

“Iftar in the Yardam Mosque is our first joint project. In the future we plan to expand our activities in Tatarstan. There are plans to implement projects dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Tatarstan. It is also necessary to strengthen the campaign work before the 2020 population census, ”Rustem Yamaleev addressed the audience.

The activities of the Tatars Headquarters and the next Iftar were highly appreciated by the scientist Hatip Minnegulov and  chairman of the Writers’ Union of Tatarstan, Danil Salikhov. During the Iftar “Headquarters of the Tatars” congratulated Hatip Minnegulov on its anniversary and presented a memorable gift.

At the end of measure, President of the Yardam Foundation  Ilgam Ismagilov, on behalf of the   blind, hard of hearing, wheelchairs, orphans  expressed gratitude to the Tatar Headquarters and Rustem Yamaleev, Gulnara Yarullina presented letters of thanks.


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