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In Antalya  “Celebration of culture and education”held

In Antalya  “Celebration of culture and education”held

In Antalya  “Celebration of culture and education”held

March  11, 2019

On the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Antalya  a “Festival of Culture and Education”, organized by the administration of the city of Antalya took place. The participants of the event were representatives of different nationalities living in Antalya.

The Tatar community “Antalya Tatarlar” was officially invited by the administration of the city of Antalya.

The holiday was opened with a procession of participants in national costumes along the embankment of the city. Passersby residents and guests of the sunny city joined the participants of the holiday and went with them to the central platform where the city Aquarium is located, where the main events took place – an exhibition of exhibits with national objects of culture, art, life, culinary dishes of Tatarstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and other nations of the world.

The key element of the program was a concert, where the audience was presented with thematic dance and musical compositions. The performance of the Tatar singer Abdulkhalik Tukhfyatullov, which the audience conducted with applause, was memorable. Pupils of the Tatar Sabbath School also took part in the event and read the verses of Gabdulla Tukai in their native language.

The activist of the Tatar community “Antalya Tatarlary”, Fenis Zyyaly, told the guests of the holiday the history of his native land and the education system in the Russian Federation on the example of Tatarstan.

Spectacular, colorful and informative has become a real intercultural celebration, popularizing folk wealth, friendship, and tolerance, when Turks, Tatars, Kazakhs, Azeris, Ukrainians, Germans, Poles dance to national music.

Leader of the Tatar community O.Kh. Nazarova

“Antalya Tatarlary”


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