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In Avtograd   the most beautiful Tatar girl chosen

In Avtograd   the most beautiful Tatar girl chosen




8 girls took part in the beauty and talent contest “Tatarochka  of  Togliatti-2018”: Karina Valeeva, Diana Iksanova, Alsu Kamaleva, Alina Sharipova, Alsu Ayupova, Asilya Iskhakova, Alsu Galamgyrova  and Dilyara Usmanova. The jury evaluated not only the external data of the participants, the girls were required to demonstrate knowledge of the culture, history, customs and traditions of the Tatar people, communication skills in their native language, vocal skills, choreography, performing skills, erudition, general horizons, and the ability to present themselves. The organizer of the event was the city’s national-cultural autonomy of the Tatars of the city of Togliatti with the support of the House of Friendship of Peoples of Samara Region.


The contest was held by several stages. At the beginning the participants told about themselves, their achievements and plans for the future. Then the girls performed lullabies in the Tatar language, which moved the audience and even the strict jury. As one of the members of the jury admitted, the singing of the girls was so penetrating that “the skin crawled”.


In the contest of Tatar cuisine, the participants presented their culinary delights. Spectators sitting in the front rows had the opportunity to taste author’s dishes and appreciate the talent and skill of each participant.


At  creative stage of the contest the girls demonstrated their dancing and vocal abilities: they performed folk dances and songs in the Tatar language. Contestants skillfully presented themselves, showed their grace and ability to look splendid.


As a prize of audience sympathy, two participants received gifts from the House of Friendship of the Peoples of the Samara Region in the city of. Tolyatti. The jury was very difficult to choose the winner: all were worthy! But still, according to the results of the competition of the title “Tolyatti Tatar kyzy – 2018”, the participant of the Tatar people’s collective “Idel” Alsu Ayupova has been dighnified.






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