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In Bansko “Karga botkasy” cooked for Navruz

In Bansko “Karga botkasy” cooked for Navruz

March 26 in the town of Bansko within the framework of preparation for the holiday Sabantuy in Bulgaria under the auspices of the UNESCO National Commission in Bulgaria, the active assistance of mayor of Bansko the event was held by “Volga Bulgars” public organization.

This light and warm holiday marks the end of winter, the awakening of nature. History shows that in the days of Navruz quarrels and insults would forgotten, the wars would stop, peace and tranquility would rule, people with an open heart would go together, wish happiness and prosperity. Centuries-old traditions and values are extremely important today, said a presenter Vlada Artemova.

With the words of support and good wishes to the organizers and participants of the event addressed the official guests of the holiday: Lilia Chausheva, attache, representative of UNESCO in NC Bulgaria; Eugenia Suslova, attaché, press secretary of the Russian Embassy in Bulgaria, Kazakhstan’s Ambassador to Bulgaria, Mr. T.R. Izbastin , deputy mayor Kadev, who congratulated those present on the occasion, stressed that it is important to remember the tradition, its roots, because diversity of culture enriches and makes us more

tolerant, that Bansko is part of the list of cities, which represent tradition and the wealth of culture of peoples living together in the territory of the Old Volga Bulgaria, expressed their wishes to continue to successfully promote the traditions of the Tatar people. ”

In ancient times people believed that the spring on the tips of their wings would bring rooks. Therefore, as soon as the snow begins to melt and first streams appeared, in honor of the arrival of rooks a holiday would arrange “Karga botkasy”. At this day, festive dressed children would collect from each house cereal, milk, butter, sugar, eggs and touted by poems and songs to the feast .On square in front of the City Hall building in kazan a traditional Karga botkasy -grachinaya porridge was cooked , which could be enjoyed by all interested residents and visit Bansko, and national baking:. pies with cabbage, onion, egg, baursak, chak-chak, tea, etc., has won new fans!

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