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In districts of the Penza region began to celebrate the Tatar national holiday

In districts of the Penza region began to celebrate the Tatar national holiday

June 11, 2019

In the districts of the Penza region began to celebrate the Tatar national holiday “Sabantuy – 2019”. This is a celebration symbolizing the end of spring field work. The delegation of the Tatar national-cultural autonomy of the Penza region headed by the chairman Zhigansha Zeynyatullovich Tuktarov attended festive events in the village of Reshetino, Pachelmsky district and with. Kochaleyka, Kamensky district. In the village of Kobylkino, Kamensky District, Tatar autonomy was presented by Shamil Adelshaevich Shabanov, a member of the Executive Committee of the TNKA of the Penza Region.

The event “Sabantuy -2019” in all villages began with a grand opening.

“Sabantuy is an excellent reason to forget about everyday problems, to put things and cares aside. I congratulate all those gathered on the holiday symbolizing friendship and mutual understanding between nations, which preserved the national flavor, the best customs and cultural traditions of the people, ”Zhigansha Zeynyatullovich addressed with congratulations.


He conveyed to  heads of administration a welcome address from  Governor of the Penza Region, I.A. Belozertseva: “I heartily congratulate all residents of the Kobylkinsky, Kochalsky and Reshetinsky Village Council on the national holiday of Sabantuy. This holiday has centuries-old traditions, glorifies  hard work of the grain grower. It is difficult to overestimate its role in the revival of the national language and culture, the introduction of young people to amateur art, and the pursuit of national sports. The traditions of the Tatar people, embodied in the holiday Sabantuy, actively contribute to the preservation and strengthening of interethnic harmony of peace and stability in society. I am convinced that your attitude to work, love for the land will serve as an example for all residents of the Sur region. I sincerely wish you all good health, well-being, happiness, love and mutual understanding, new labor achievements for the benefit of your native land. ”


Zhigansha Zeynatullovich Tuktarov thanked  district leaders for their help in organizing the holiday and thanked  active workers of the village for their conscientious work.


Many greetings and kind words were voiced at the events. Sabantuy was accompanied by folk festivals, national Tatar contests, dances and treats. The unique flavor of the event was given by the performances of local folklore groups from both the older generation, youth and children. What is a clear indicator of the continuity of generations and the transfer of traditions and customs; introduction to the Tatar national culture of children and youth.


The highlight of the holiday with. Reshetino became  racing (equestrian competitions). Beautiful, graceful horses rushed along the hippodrome, as if sending us to the distant original past to our ancestors.


Participants of the holiday  from  the village  Kobylkino competed in dexterity, strength and skill. An adornment of the day was the competition of young men in the national wrestling  Koresh.

In addition, everyone could buy national souvenirs, products of folk arts and crafts, enjoy sweets, pastries and traditional Tatar chak-chak.


In the evening, everyone was waiting for the dance floor, where they had the opportunity to share their impressions of a merry celebration and throw out the energy and emotions that were not spent to the end.



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