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In Moscow,  a festive event “Kalfak tue”   held

In Moscow,  a festive event “Kalfak tue”   held

In Moscow,  a festive event “Kalfak tue”   held

March 11, 2019

On March 9, the Ak Kalfak NGO at the Tatar Cultural Center held a festive event “Kalfak Tue”. The concert program featured: Honored Artist of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan Naila Fatekhova, Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Roza Khabyshevina, Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Alfina Akhmetzhan, Ensemble of Sacred Music “Medina”, Rinat Zakerov, soloists of the Tatar Cultural Center Zulfiya Khabibullaeva and Rafek Aryl Zychev Zashyra Zashi Zashryov; and Daniya Vakhitova.

The Bolshoi Theater soloist Marat Gali came to congratulate Rosa Habibullina on her anniversary and sang neopolitan songs to loud applause. To loud applause from the audience, Rosa Khabibullina and Nail Fatekhova, along with poetry author Nazifa Karimova, sang the song “Bez  Berga”.



The winners of the competition “Ak kunеlle bi-babailar onyklara belan”:  have been awarded. Daniya Vakhitova with grandmother Gulsina, Alsou Samiullina with grandmother Ravilia, Camille Zaynutdinova with grandmother Nailey sang songs with grandmothers. The upcoming regional contest “Tatar Kyzy-2019” was announced.

The world famous fashion designer Galina Valiullina accompanied by Risa Kabirova’s live singing showed a Tatar collection of clothes. The winners of the home-baking contest were also awarded, in which activists poetess Alfiya Shamsetdinova  (Alfiya recited poems while tasting her cakes), presenter of events Zuhra Abdyukhanova, Alsu Samiullina and grandmother Ravilya  took  part.

There were games, vocal master classes and sewing kalfak (fashion designer Svetlana Gabbasova). In conclusion, all the artists under the accordion sang their favorite folk songs. All viewers actively participated in the event and received gifts.

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