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In Moscow  a musical youth evening  held

In Moscow  a musical youth evening  held

In Moscow  a musical youth evening  held

September 21, 2018

A musical youth evening was held at the Shtab (Headquarters) of the Tatars of Moscow within the framework of the project “Aulak oi”. The event, which gathered more than 100 people, is aimed at creating new Tatar – Bashkir families. The special guest of the evening was Shurale.

As the coordinator of the Moscow Tatars  Shtab   the host of the evening Gulnara Yarullina noted, the event is held in order to bring the Tatar-Bashkir youth closer.

“We not only introduce them to each other, but also recall the foundations of the Tatar family. We also explain the strength of Tatar marriages based on Islamic spiritual values. Our goal is to convey to the minds of the young people the need to preserve the Tatar language in the family. If today  this is not understood  by  the younger generation, tomorrow it will be too late “, Gulnara Yarullina addressed the youth.

The special guest of the evening was the group “Shurale”, the soloists of which performed Tatar folk songs. As the soloist of the group, bayanist, Honored artist of Tatarstan Ildar Salyahov marked, such evenings are necessary for preserving the Tatar language and culture in a large metropolis. He wished the development of the Tatar movement in Moscow.

The host of the evening, the showman Ilyas Khusainov acquainted the youth. The participants of the evening tried to tell about themselves in the Tatar language and actively participated in competitions dedicated to the Tatar culture.

The musical youth evening ended with the performance of the song “Min yaratam sine Tatarstan!”. The Council of the “Moscow Tatars Shtab ” further  “Aulak oi” decided to hold a training format on the problems of creating Tatar families.

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