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In Moscow about  dozens Tatar families are being created in Aulai ai  

In Moscow about  dozens Tatar families are being created in Aulai ai  

In Moscow about  dozens Tatar families are being created in Aulai ai

13.07. 2018

Tatar youth of Moscow in the “Shtab” of the Tatars held another evening gatherings “Aulai ai”. The event was attended by more than 100 guys and girls.

The Shtab of the Tatars of Moscow has  activated after the meeting of Milli Shura Chairman of the World Congress of Tatars Vasil Shaikhraziev with the Tatar community of Moscow in February this year, where it was noted the need to revive the Tatar traditions and institutions of education. Thus, since February “Aulai ai”  in the Shtab  of the Tatars has become the most anticipated event of the Tatar youth of the capital.

In “Aulai ai” the Tatar youth not only communicates, gets acquainted, but also receives advice on the creation of the Tatar family.

As the representative of the Moscow Tatar Shtab (Headquarters),  entrepreneur Marat Shaniyazov noted, in  large megacities such events are necessary for the creation of young Tatar families.

“Our project” Aulai ai “solves several problems: someone meets a  companion of life, meets new business partners, and finds new friends. Also, we at these parties communicate in the Tatar language, we meet fellow countrymen. For example, I myself come from Perm. Thanks to the projects of the  Tatars Shtab, for half a year I have  become friends with Tatars from different regions of Russia “, said Marat Shaniyazov.

“Aulay ai ” in the Shtab  is going  with the performance of Tatar songs under the bayan, national dances and communication in the Tatar language. In the next evening the group “Shurale” performed folk Tatar songs under the strong support of the youth.

The leader of the  Tatars Shtab  Rustem Yamaleev, believes that still the Tatar youth lack an important character trait, like that of the Caucasian and Asian peoples, only communicate with each other in their native language. “Aulai  ai” serves as a tool, a tool for explaining the need to preserve and use the Tatar language in the family.

“In” Aulai ai”we not only introduce, but also explain about the necessity of creating Tatar families, using our native language and preserving traditions” – noted Rustem Yamaleev.

The main result of the project of the Tatar Shtab  “Aulai ai” is the creation of about ten Tatar families for a year. For example, in August, two couples are expected to marry, who met at the “Aulai  ai” of the Tatar Shtab

Press service of the Moscow Tatars Shtab



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