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In Novosibirsk, the regional competition “Tatars kyzy-2020”   held

In Novosibirsk, the regional competition “Tatars kyzy-2020”   held

March 22,  2020

On March 14, the city of Novosibirsk hosted the regional contest “Tatars kyzy-2020”.

5 girls took part in the competition:

⠀Vasily Sharafutdinova (Ubinsky district, the village of Novaya Kachemka), with a minimum margin of half a point, won the title of  the First Vice-Miss “Tatar Kyzy – 2020”;

Dilyara Mugutdinova (Kuybyshevsky District, Aul Bergul), became the 2nd Vice-Miss “Tatars Kyzy – 2020”;

Laysan Yunusova (Chanovsky district, Belekhta village) was awarded the title “Kulch Kyz”;

Anargul Shakirova (Barabinsky district, village of Novokurupkaevkp) took home the title of “Ugan Kyz”.

The competitive stages were by no means simple. The girls had to prove that they know the history of their native places well, speak the Tatar language, are able to move beautifully, have a conversation, keep family traditions and secrets of preparing national dishes.

In the lobby of the Palace of Culture. The October Revolution, the regional competition “Tatar Kyzy – 2020” was preceded by creative workshops and tasting of Tatar pastries. And my goodness, what a magical aroma reigned there!

⠀The honor of Novosibirsk was defended by Karina Abdrakhmanova, 19 years old, who not only became the Tatars of Kyz 2020, but received the “Audience Award” under the deafening support of fans. And it is Karina, the winner of the regional contest, who will have to fight for the title “Tatars kyzy 2020” at the international level in Kazan. The right to choose one’s candidacy belonged to Guzalia Giniyatullina, Executive Director of the Directorate of the International Competition “Tatar Kyzy”, Deputy Chairman of the World Forum of Tatar Youth. Addressing the audience and the jury from the stage, Guzaliya added that, having seen Karina’s performance, she had no doubt in choosing a minute.

⠀The soloists of the Kazan City Philharmonic Society Svetlana Mineeva (Yasmin) and Ilgiz Zakiev addressed the audience with a creative gift from the Republic of Tatarstan.

⠀Author: Victoria Kuptsova





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