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In Nurlat,   the “Tatar kyzy-2019” recognized 

In Nurlat,   the “Tatar kyzy-2019” recognized 

In Nurlat,  the “Tatar kyzy-2019” recognized

March 29, 2019

Beautiful, modest, discreet and at the same time skilled women in needlework, singing, dancing and a soul filled with   a national spirit …

Yesterday, at  the Palace of Culture of the city of Nurlat, the municipal stage of the international contest “Tatar Kyzy-2019” took place, and all its participants had these beautiful qualities inherent in Tatar girls. The contest, has been organized by the Nurlat branch of the World Tatar Congress together with the public organization Ak Kalfak,  7 girls  took part in it. They told about themselves in a visit  card, showed their stage skills. Ilyuza Khairullina (Teploset (heating network), Dilyara Gatina (TatAISneft), Alsina Suleimanova (Center for Children’s Art), Liliya Karimova (Agrarian Technical School), Aigul Bildanova (Boarding School), Ruzilya Fassakhova (Palace of Culture) and Alina Salakhov. captured the audience and the jury with their special zest. And each of them became the winner in a particular nomination. Ilyuza – “In zirak kyz”, Alsina – “In milli kyz”, Lilia – “In nafis kyz”, Aigul – “In  osta kyz”, Ruzilya – “In elger kyz”, Alina – “In  gүzul kyz” And the title of “Tatar Kyzy-2019” was awarded to Dilyara Gatina.

The contest  was intertwined with performances by amateur artists, the Fashion Theater Center for Children’s Art. Participants were congratulated by Elmira Shagayeva, Deputy Head of the District Executive Committee on Social Issues, Alfiya Galautdinova, Head of the Nurlatsky Department of the World Tatar Congress, Fakuziya Mukhammetova, a poetess  Sakina Khairullina, Head of the local branch of Ak Kalfak, each girl received gifts from sponsors. Chief  of the branch of JSC “TATMEDIA” “Nurlat-Inform” Rezeda Ginyaeva presented Aigul Bildanova with a special prize “TV-tutash”. Samina Usmanova, the youngest participant in the event, received a gift from the Nurlatsky local branch of the United Russia party.



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