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In Samara,  the national rite “Byabi Chyaye” held

In Samara,  the national rite “Byabi Chyaye” held

In Samara,  the national rite “Byabi Chyaye” held

January  28, 2019

On 26 January, the Akkalfak Samara Yashlyar Society took part in the Tatar national rite “Byabi Chyaye”. The holiday was held in a young Samara family on the occasion of the birth of a second child – a boy.

According to traditions that have deep roots in the culture of the Tatar people, all generations of relatives of the young were invited on both sides, there was also a representative of the clergy – the mullah, who read the prayers and named the newborn with a beautiful Muslim name.

As expected, the guests came with gifts “salymnar” and good wishes – that the child grow up healthy and happy.

The caring young mother, having listened to the advice of the elders, marked the child’s forehead “tamga”, as all generations of parents did, protecting the baby from the “evil eye”.

During the rite of “naming” the child was placed on a beautifully embroidered pillow with a national protecting  pattern, which is also an element of national traditions.

Since ancient times, a woman, embroidering products for household use, lovingly chose the color range of threads, investing all her soul in this work and wishing all her relatives health and well-being, thus protecting her home from everything negative.

After reading all the prayers, the guests were invited to taste the treats: pies, bavyrsaki, Tatar sweet byaly, shurpa-tokmach and many others. Everything was prepared according to traditional Tatar recipes.

More than 50 people attended the celebration, and each of them wished the young couple a happy and long family life in love and harmony.

The celebration of the rite of “Byabi  Chyaye” is of great importance for the preservation of religious and everyday traditions, bringing together representatives of several clan generations of Tatar families.



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