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In Syzran “Musical Sabantui”

In Syzran “Musical Sabantui”

In Syzran “Musical Sabantui”



It has already become a good tradition of our city that every year, trying to involve as many months as possible in the year, the National-Cultural Autonomy of the Tatars, Syzran pleases syzrants and guests of the city with the organization of concerts of eminent artists of the Tatar song!


Here and in the first month of spring, for residents and visitors of the city at the House of Culture “Horizon” will be a musical concert “Musical Sabantui.” This is a joint concert of Tatar pop stars.


Today, on March 17, a concert will be held at the “Horizont” cultural center, where well-known and beloved performers of Tatar songs – Ilnaz Bakh, Guzel Idrisova, Rinat Rakhmatullin, Bulat Nigmatullin, Dilya Nigmatullina, Aidar Fatkhutdinov, “Kazan” dance ensemble and Gazinur Fayzullin will perform. They will perform the best compositions of their music albums, and the dancers will demonstrate a choreography that will give a particle of the Tatar culture.



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