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In the Altai Krai  on June 17, the regional Tatar Sabantuy-2018 will be celebrated

In the Altai Krai  on June 17, the regional Tatar Sabantuy-2018 will be celebrated

In the Altai Krai  on June 17, the regional Tatar Sabantuy-2018 will be celebrated

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In the Altai Krai tomorrow, June 17 in the territory of the special economic zone “Turquoise Katun” will celebrate the regional national Tatar national holiday Sabantuy-2018. The President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov will come to the party.

Sabantuy is the most famous national Tatar festival in honor of the end of field works. Feature of the Tatar holiday Sabantuy is that the entrance to it is completely free and anyone can take part in various contests and competitions of the holiday. The name comes from the words of the Turkic origin “Saban” – plow and “tui” – that is, a wedding, a celebration or even a holiday in a broad sense. It turns out, “the triumph of the plow.” In pagan times, peasants during this holiday praised the fertility spirits, as well as the Sun, the god of Heaven, so that there was a good harvest. Hence the traditional competitions in jumping, running, wrestling and horse races.

Now Sabantuy has become just a merry folk festivities, during which you can see all the beauty of rituals and the customs of the Tatar people. Today, the holiday has been elevated to the state rank in Tatarstan and Bashkortostan and is celebrated all over the planet, where there are Tatar communities.

Venues of the festival will start working from 10.00. The grand opening of Sabantuy is scheduled for 13.00. Rustam Minnikhanov,  the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, and other distinguished guests will give a welcoming speeches.

In the program performances of masters of arts of Tatarstan and folklore collectives of Altai are planned.

One of the main events of Sabantuy is the Tatar national wrestling on the belts. The winner of the Tournament receives the main prize – the car. Anyone can check their strength and compete for the car.

Also, everyone will be able to take part in battles with bags on a log, horse races, show their strength, pick up heavy weights, or take a prize, climbing a tall and slippery pillar. There will be competitions in races in bags or with full buckets of water on the rocker arms. It will be possible to beat heartily blindfolded pots, as well as take part in many other fun games, contests and contests.

This year in Sabantuy participate the best collectives of the Republic of Tatarstan, many artists are expected.

For the first time, a full-fledged Tatar farmstead was built on the territory of the “Turquoise Katun”, where features of Tatar culture and gastronomy will be presented. The national Tatar cuisine will be presented with a variety of dishes.

The chairman of the regional national-cultural autonomy of the Tatars of the Altai Territory Anvar Aminov said that from Tatarstan specially for the holiday was brought a huge cauldron (Kazan), designed  for about five thousand servings. Guests of Sabantuy will be able to try the pilaf from this kazan for free.

Among other gastronomic joys – ochpochmaki, peremyachi, belyashi, chak-chak. And the national dish Kystyby will also be presented. This is a traditional Tatar dish made from dough with filling. It is a fried fresh cake stuffed with mashed potatoes. In appearance it resembles an unclosed pie – the filling is put on one half of the cake and is closed on top by the second half.

How to get to Turquoise Katun

SEZ “Turquoise Katun” is located in the Altai region. The distance from Barnaul is about 290 km. It is arranged that  guests for the holiday will be  delivered  by  travel agencies. But you can get yourself by car or bus. from Barnaul along the Chuysky tract (federal highway P 256 / M 52) to the bridge across Katun for the village. Manzherok (not reaching the source of Arzhan-Suu). Travel time on the free highway is about  3,5 hours.





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