Home / In the Moscow region a festival of the Tatar-Bashkir youth “Yoldyzlar Yangyry”  held
In the Moscow region a festival of the Tatar-Bashkir youth “Yoldyzlar Yangyry”  held

In the Moscow region a festival of the Tatar-Bashkir youth “Yoldyzlar Yangyry”  held

In the Moscow region a festival of the Tatar-Bashkir youth “Yoldyzlar Yangyry”  held

August 13, 2018

The main goal of the festival is to unite not only the Tatar youth, but also the Tatar organizations.

On August 11-12, a festival of Tatar and Bashkir youth “Yoldyzlar Yangyry” was held in Staraya Kupavna, Moscow Region. The event attracted about 200 people. The main goal of the festival is the consolidation of the efforts of the Tatar youth movements for the implementation of common Tatar projects.

The Yoldyzlar Yangyry Festival hosted the youth club «Berdymlek»,  Council of Muftis of Russia,  «Shtab  of Moscow Tatars», «Miras», «123 pro», «Tatarcha volleyball», «Yakarysh»,  Youth Council of the Tatarstan Embassy in Russia and the Association of Students of Bashkortostan . Within the framework of the event, a master classes on business, the Tatar language and issues of Islam were held. Also,  the fair of designer products successfully have been  held. It was very happy with the playground.

As coordinator of the festival, head of the “Berdemlek” club Rimma Gumirov noted, many participants of the event were concerned with the issue of preserving and developing the Tatar language and culture. Therefore, with great interest, a round table was held on the topic of preserving the Tatar identity as a whole.

“Our young people are sure that the Tatar nation will live and our language will not disappear. And it depends on us ourselves. It’s not in vain in such difficult times for the Tatar language that almost all the Tatar youth organizations decided to join forces. In the future, we will regularly implement common projects, and the festival “Yoldyzlar Yangyry” will become traditional “, Rimma Gumirova said.

During the festival, great attention was paid to business issues and the Tatar language. The formation of young businessmen will help  developing   the Tatar language,  coordinator of the Shtab of Moscow Tatars  Gulnara Yarullina is sure. In this regard, the entrepreneur Rustam Aghzamov conducted a master class on business organization.

During the festival, the participants visited the mosque of Staraya Kupavna, a mosque-tent, a mini Sabantui, a volleyball tournament, and football took place. The cultural program consisted of performances by  the Bashkir ensemble “Ak tirma”, rock band “Kart ayak”, showman Dinara Salyakhova  and DJ Niyaz. Also, a participant of the contest “Tatar kyzy”

-2018 “from Moscow Leysan Sabirova, soloists of the ensemble” Ildan “conducted a master class on dancing, designer Lilia Molotkova showed the basics of calligraphy. The house of the Tatar cuisine at the Exhibition of National Economy Achievements of Moscow participants of the festival treated the tastes of Tatar cuisine.

One of the guests of the festival was the representative of the British Tatars Diana Yakhina. She told about the practice of the behavior of the Tatar events in London. Also, the festival was visited by  vice-president of the World Forum of Tatar youth Guzelia Giniyatullina, who acquainted the participants of “Yoldyzlar Yangyry” with new popular Tatar projects.

The festival of Tatar and Bashkir youth of Moscow and the region will have to become traditional.

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