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In the Year of the Russian cinema “Tatarkino” launches the project “The Wealth of the Republic”

In the Year of the Russian cinema “Tatarkino” launches the project “The Wealth of the Republic”

The state budget Institution of culture (GBUK) “Tatarkino” is preparing the project “The wealth of the Republic”, including a new layer of modern Russian cinema and movies of the regional production. A platform for the implementation of the ideas will be the cinema “Mir”, institution partners, parks and squares of the city and the art space.

The “The Wealth of the Republic” is designed for the entire 2016. Dedicated to the Year of Russian cinema film events as the program is aimed at demonstrating a limited theatrical distribution of films that do not reach the commercial cinema audience, and the promotion of regional film products.

“The Wealth of the Republic” will be implemented in the following areas: the organization of film premieres and retrospective cycles with the participation of regional and national filmmakers; screening of the documentary and archival films; film events involving guests from Russian regions – a week of contemporary Yakutsk cinema with discussions is planned. Also, in the framework of the “The Wealth of the Republic” project press conferences, debates, meetings and film projects presentations will be held.

The first sign of “The Wealth of the Republic” will be the project “Tatarstan short’s” – a program of four short films, each of which represents a potential multi-genre short film of Tatarstan. The collection includes films – participants and winners of festivals and taken under the state order of RT GBUKT “Tatarkino”. Festival geography: from the Cannes Film Festival to Kazan. Conversation palette is a comedy, a melodrama and art-house cinema.

Also, interesting is the program from the point of view of the names: there are films by very young authors, as well as prominent figures in the film industry (D. Osokin, A.Barykin, S.Yuzeev), starring popular and novice actors frpm Tatar theaters, youth project “Theatre .Akt “and non-professional actors. The program of film screenings: “Dry River”, “Aisylu”, “Snowflake” and “Slammed the door and left.”

The Cinema “Mir” has become a starting point in Kazan for short films from around the world. Collected into a single full-length anthology, the so-called “shorts” (from the English. Shorts), short films, acquire rolling capacities. RT GBUK “Tatarkino” plans to continue to show the program of short films in a national network of branches and partners.

In order to promote Tatarstan filmmaking an almanac will be presented outside of Tatarstan.

Showing of “Tatarstan shorts” begins on March 1 at the cinema “Mir”.

Press service of RT GBUK “Tatarkino”

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