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In Tyumen, a unique contest to be held

In Tyumen, a unique contest to be held

In the Tyumen region accepting applications has began for participation in a qualifying round of open regional competition “Star of Siberia” & “Dzhigit ” in 2015, (“Seber Yoldyz” & “Tatar egete”).

The Congress of Tatars of Tyumen Region invites beautiful daughters and courageous warriors – the sons of the Tatar people to take part in a unique competition. This large-scale event in the life of modern Tatars. Open regional competition “Seberyoldyzy” – “Star of Siberia” & “Tatar egete” – “Dzhigit” – 2015 is changing the ideas about classic beauty contests. As a cornerstone the organizers put the cultural and moral heritage of the Tatar people, language and traditions.

Participate in the contest is open to boys and girls aged from 18 to 28 years. The main desire to candidates – the pride for Tatar origin. “Our task – to educate the elite. We want to see the finalists’ Seberyoldyzy “-” Star of Siberia “&” Tatar egete “- became a symbol of modern, successful and educated members of the Tatar youth,” – says the chairman of the executive committee of the Congress of Tatars Rinat Nasyrov.

Competition not only contributes to the promotion of Tatar culture, but also serves the educational mission. Two weeks before, the final contestants travel to the country camp, where are prepared in a non-stop regime. Here psychologists, choreographers, makeup artists, stylists, hold classes with the guys in native language, teach the basics of Islam and the history of the Siberian Tatars.


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