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In Tyumen – Days of Tatar culture

In Tyumen – Days of Tatar culture

February 22, Days of Tatar culture start in the Tyumen region.

The event will begin with a photo exhibition “Traditional culture and life of the Siberian Tatars of Tyumen region” and exhibition of arts and crafts and children’s drawings. Here you can buy methodical literature, audio – video products and national jewelry . On the same day at 3pm, at the House of culture “Stroitel (Builder)” the opening ceremony of Days of Tatar culture will take place; a jubilee creative soiree of Jamila Rakhimova will be held, involving groups and soloists of Tatar variety of the Tyumen region. As part of Culture Days, in regions and towns of compact residence of the Tatar population, in south of the region, a traditional show-contest of children’s creativity of Turkic peoples “Morning Star” , visiting concerts of folk choir “Duslyk”, and folk- pop band “Tamasha” will take place. First time, a festival of poplar Tatar bard songs “Melisms of Siberia – 2014″ to be held Days of Tatar culture will continue until March 2.

Yevgeny Suvorov , ” Tyumenskya oblast segodnya”

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