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In Udmurtia  a competition “Yazgy Tamchy” was held

In Udmurtia a competition “Yazgy Tamchy” was held

And again, and again, and again April 24, 2015, in the walls of the House of Friendship of the Peoples of Republic of Udmurtia under the leadership of the Tatar Public Center of Udmurtia (now regional) competition of performance skills of young musicians of Tatar and Bashkir music “Yazgy Tamchy”.

In fact, the correct name has been given to this beautiful contest “ship” (as is well known, “as you call a boat, so it will float”), as it starts in the spring, when everything wakes up when the sun warms and with its natural warmth comes to an end a natural transfixion. In place of the latter comes a merry melting of the winter “covering”, turning it into small droplets, and those in turn uniting into streams, rivers run to lead us to the sea, which is part of the World Ocean.

How all is symbolic: droplet streams, sea, ocean

After all, in the same way in our lives: parents bring their children to a music school. Under the guidance of experienced teachers, they learn the basics of art, consisting of only seven notes (but with some great opportunities!). People who are not indifferent to creativity (the organizers of experience exchange are workers of Tatar society, enthusiasts of the business), are collecting by droplets across vast Udmurtia and beyond kids manifesting talent, bringing together (first by the zonal (brooks) associations, then in the capital (river ), and later move to a big stage (give a start in life: someone can become a professional musician and someone will remain amateurs) –why not to compare with sea) and teachers give them the opportunity to hear and see the beauty of the native culture.

Children grow up, become adults, but do not forget their roots, continue to be a culture in your soul, give it to others. Many continue to participate in the competition as performers, but not in children group, but in older age strata. So, the link of generations and times is not cut off. And as long as this connection exists, and as far as culture of the people is strong, nothing can defeat its spirit. People are strong by their culture.

And to all this we see a confirmation in the coming festivals of folk art, intelligently organized by Tatar national center. A huge role here belongs to the chairman of the Tatar Public center of Udmurtia Mirzayanov Fnun Gavasovich, who always is on the “front line”, a fine man, leading methodologist of the department of international relations of the House of Peoples’ Friendship, Abdullina Alia Nagimovna , very much, “ailing” for her cause. Of course, you should definitely mention the mastermind and the permanent chairman of the jury Talipova Gaisa. All of them are engaged in a noble cause, a matter of dissemination of the national culture.

For many children, who come to these festivali- competitions, such a meeting is a starting point in their professional development. It is no secret that to go to any other competition with its mandatory program, and besides, more and sometimes incomprehensible for the basics, not native, it is difficult, although the music is an international language, and does not require translation. But easier when this music lies in you since birth, when the soul responds to her by every sound or silence. Here come with aid organizers of the national music competition “Yazgy Tamchy.”

A huge thanks to them for that, and LOW BOW !!!!

Festival “Yazgy Tamchy” (“Spring drops”) is carried out in more than 20 years of Udmurtia. Some of the participants forever linked their lives with music, became professionals, winners of the All-Russia competitions. The competition is organized every year at the initiative of the Tatar Public Center of the Udmurtia Republic for the development of national music, preservation of traditional culture of Tatars and Bashkirs, creating a system of support for talented young performers.

Organizers of the festival: Tatar Public Center of the Udmurtia Republic, UR BU “House of Friendship” with the support of the Ministry of National Policy of UR Culture and Tourism Ministry of Udmurtia Republic municipalities “Balezinsky area”; “City Eye”, “The city Mozhga”, “City Sarapul”

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