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In Zlatoust – “Byalesh show”

In Zlatoust – “Byalesh show”

For the second year, on the last Sunday of March in Zlatoust a holiday cake Tatar “Byalesh – show is held.” The purpose of this competition is preservation and development of traditions and customs of the Tatar people. Disclosure of national peculiarities of baking cake in Urals region. This year was attended by contestants from the Kurgan region and Chelyabinsk. It has been organized by the Council of Zlatoust town, the Branch of the Congress of Tatars Chelyabinsk region. Inspirer and author of bringing holiday is Valya Zagidullina – Chairman of the Board of the Congress of Tatars of Zlatoust and member of the Board of the Congress of Tatars of Chelyabinsk region. This year’s festival is traditionally held on March 29 at the Central Library and was attended by 11 contestants. (In 2014 it was held for the first time and was attended by 5 competitors). An hour before, the festival hall of the library was filled with spectators and guests. Participants carefully carried their freshly baked product, handmade masterpieces, wrapped in national towels in warm shawls to show and convey the warmth and splendor of baking. Then Belesh – ostalary revealed the secrets of their miracle pies, shared recipes. They were supported and helped by relatives and friends. The contestants showed costumes and vocal, sang songs, poems in native language. A jury in time tasted the taste, looked design and evaluated creative ideas. As a result, the most professional and real Belesh -ostalary appeared to be 6 contestants.

For guests of the festival a book exhibition was presented on the theme: culinary and decorative – applied art of the Tatar people, revealing the literature of the book fund national and foreign literature named after A.G.Dausheva, recalling that 2015 – the Year of Literature in Russia.

During the evening, musical items were performed by: Danil Kamalov sandg native tunes on the accordion “Tatar polka”, “Anis” Taris Sabiryanov akkapelno sang folk song “Sandugach” Fanuza Khalirakhmanova – Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, was encored three times. To musical items danced the young and the old. Thank you for bringing to the event the youth of the town, with the active support of Edward Zakirov specialist in the culture of youth policy of Zlatoust town district.

All participants were given souvenirs and prizes from Nadezhda Vyrupaeva, director of giftshop “Folk Art” and Irina Terekhova, manager of cosmetics company “Oriflame” – presented certificates for cosmetics and a master class. The event ended with a cup of tea with treats for all guests.

Text and photos by Valentina Zagidullina – leading sector of the national librarian and foreign literature n.a. A.G.Dausheva.

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