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IV World Forum of Tatar women

IV World Forum of Tatar women

International public organization “The World Congress of Tatars” and public organization Tatar women “Ak kalfak” from April 24 to 26, 2016, holds in Kazan the IV World Forum of Tatar women.

This year for participation in the IV World Forum of Tatar women is expected to more than 500 delegates from 43 of the Republic of Tatarstan regions from 53 Russian regions and 22 foreign countries (Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey, Uzbekistan , Ukraine, Finland, France, Estonia, Czech Republic, USA and others.). Also, special guests are expected.

The program of IV World Forum of Tatar women includes:

April 24, break-out sessions. Meetings will be held on the topics: “National education in the education system”, “Preservation and development of the national cultural heritage”, “New projects that have found application in the education system of the Tatar people.”

On April 25, a plenary session at the Tatar state theater of drama and comedy named after K. Tinchurina. Also, on this day an exhibition of goods produced by folk craftsmen.

The program provides for the participation in the forum “Kalfak tye “, a gala event to be held in the Column Hall of the Kazan City Hall. It planned to lay flowers at the monument to the great Tatar poet G.Tukay. A cultural program in Drama and Comedy after K.Tinchurin, concert is provided, viewing dance ensemble “Kazan” and the State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet after M.Jalil, and a Solemn evening dedicated to the 130th anniversary of G. Tukai .

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