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Jubilee Tatar holiday  at the “Proletarka” held

Jubilee Tatar holiday  at the “Proletarka” held


On April 28, 2018, the national-cultural autonomy of the Tatars of the Tver region at the recreation center “Proletarka” celebrated its 20th anniversary.


On April 28, 2018, the national-cultural autonomy of the Tatars of the Tver region at the recreation center “Proletarka” celebrated its 20th anniversary. Guests from Moscow, Kazan, representatives of the government of the Tver region, the administration of the city of Tver, public organizations of the city, the chairmen of national cultural autonomies, as well as guests from the districts of the region attended the festive event.

According to the 2010 census, about 6,000 Tatars  lived in Tver and in the Tver’s oblast. And the mass settlement of the Tatars in our region began in the middle of the 19th century. From Nizhegorodsky and Kasimov they came to work at the factories built by Russian merchants, at the manufacturing enterprises of the Ryabushinsky and Morozovs, at the Konyaev flour mills, and at the expansion of the Nikolayevskaya railway. In the place of compact residence of visitors, the Tatar Sloboda was formed, in 1906 a mosque was built in the city. The number of Tatars in the city and the region at that time was about 1000 people. The growth of the Tatar population in the region during the Soviet period was at the expense of the workers who came to build large enterprises, the expansion of old and the discovery of new peat extraction in Orsha. In the 1930s, compact settlements were formed in the villages of Avakumovo, Lukino, Penza Tatars, Nizhny Novgorod Tatars settled in the village of Vasilievsky Mokh, who came for  peat extraction.

In 1992, a group of Tatars registered the Muslim community in Tver, in 1998 – the first “Tatar-Bashkir Cultural Center Bait”, and in 2007 the Tver Regional Public Organization “Tver Tatars” was established. In 2012, the Regional Public Organization registered the national and cultural autonomy of the Tatars of the Tver Region (NGO of the Tatars of the Tver Region). This organization is a member of the Federal National and Cultural Autonomy of the Tatars (FNKAT), whose chairman is Gilmutdinov Ildar Irekovich, deputy of the State Duma, chairman of the State Duma Committee for Nationalities. He attended the feast as an honored guest. He congratulated the Tver Tatars on their jubilee and presented gifts and certificates to activists.

On behalf of the Government of the Tver region, the congratulatory message was read by Irina Alexandrovna Repina, Chairperson of the Committee for Cultural Affairs.

About the contribution of the organization to the development of the city and the region, the chairman of the NCA of Tatars of the Tver region Revaz Erneev spoke, the other speakers told. And a lot has been done. So, together with the Committee of Culture and the “Commonwealth of National Associations” festivals of national cultures, round tables, conferences and other events are held, in which representatives of different nationalities living in the region take part. The Tatar community was one of the initiators of the regional exhibition “The Eastern Palette of Tver Artists”, together with the Tver College of Service and Tourism, since 2014, Tatar Cuisine Festivals have been held annually, in which students from the region’s schools and many other events take part.

Great help and assistance in the organization of the holiday made  head of the “Commonwealth of National Associations” of the Tver region Lyudmila Gusarova.

Chairman of the Regional Tatar NCA Moscow Region F. Mukhtasarov congratulated on behalf of his organization. He noted that in the hall there are representatives of the older generation, both youth and children. And it is very valuable to maintain continuity. He presented a gift “Tatars of the Moscow region”, as well as brochures, as an additional educational source for the family. He expressed a desire to interact more actively between the organizations in the future.

A representative of the Russian Association of the TNKA in Moscow A. Galimov (this year he turned 90 years old, he is still physically strong and creative) on behalf of the leadership of the Organization read out the Congratulation and also presented the gift.

At the end of the solemn part, a concert was held in which the Honored Artists of the Republic of Tatarstan Marat Galimov and Artur Mingazov, from Moscow: Fanil Sharifgaliyev and Madina Ilgamov, as well as the collective of the Proletarka Cultural Center, Tverichana folk music ensemble took part. There was a very warm, kind atmosphere in the hall.

It can be said with certainty that this meeting gave everyone an extra charge for further active work in the name of preserving the native culture and strengthening interethnic relations.


Deputy. chairman of the NGO of the Tatars of the Tver region-F. Batyrgareev




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