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Kaleb-likbez:  a visit   to  Elmir Nizamov

Kaleb-likbez: a visit to Elmir Nizamov

Today  at  the  Kazan Conservatory, an open lecture  by  Elmir Nizamov.  This  evening, a viewer will  see the famous composer in the role of teacher. He will share  out  his views on academic music and its  life at the present stage.

Together with Nizamov   we go through the pages of the history of musical art; learn which of classical composers remains an idol for modern composers; reflect on why   last decade  we  are increasingly speaking  about convergence of academic art and mass culture…

НизамовElmir Zhavdetovich Nizamov  –  a composer of academic and popular genres; Laureate of international and national competitions of  composers,  participated in numerous festivals of contemporary music in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Austria, Germany; member of the Composers’ Union of Russia and Tatarstan, Head of Tatarstan division of the Youth Branch of the RF Union of composers. In Kazan Conservatory he   has been teaching  since  2011 at the department of music theory and composition.

Elmir Nizamov  is  known to the public as the author of the opera “The Black Chamber” (Kara Polat), author of the song-finalist  of  Türkvizion  «Atlary Csaba” performed  by  Aydar Suleymanov, author of the music for the play “Hoja  Nasretdin”, the author of the musical “Altyn Kazan”, etc.

Meeting  with  Elmir Nizamov   completes  a series of workshops, initiated  by  the project “Kaleb-likbez”, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Kazan State Conservatory.

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