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Kazan honors memory of outstanding poet Fatih Karim

Kazan honors memory of outstanding poet Fatih Karim

February 19, 2020

Kazan honored the memory of the outstanding Tatar poet Fatih Karim. A solemn meeting with the laying of flowers at the memorial plaque at the house number 8 on Mislavsky St. was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the death of the poet in World War II. It was from this house on December 30, 1941 that Fatih Karim went to the front.

Head of the Department of Culture Azat Abzalov, the grandson of the poet Artem Karimov, writers, and representatives of the public joined the memorial event.

Fatih Karim was born on December 27, 1908 (January 9, 1909 in a new style) in the village of Aitovo, Bizhbulyaksky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Here he received primary education, and in 1922 entered the Belebeyevsky Pedagogical College. Then he studied at the Kazan Land Management College, collaborated with republican newspapers and magazines, worked in the editorial board of the youth literature of Tatizdat. In the period from 1931 to 1941 F. Karim lived in Kazan.

The works of the poet began to be published in 1928. The first collection of poems, “The Initial Song”, was published in 1931, later his  most significant works, The Seventh Furnace (1932) and The Noisy Dawn (1933), were published. They reflected the process of industrialization of the country and the collectivization of agriculture.

The Great Patriotic War Fatih Karim passed from an ordinary soldier to a platoon commander. The poet died on February 19, 1945, performing a combat mission on the outskirts of Koenigsberg in the village of Victory. He was buried in the mass grave of the city of Bagrationovsk, Kaliningrad region. In the war, Fatih Karim wrote over 150 poems, 8 poems, 2 novels and a play.

“Fatih Karim is a very significant example for the younger generation. We must honor, remember and promote his legacy, as well as the legacy of all other front-line writers – Musa Jalil, Gabdullah Alish and many others. The people of our republic made an invaluable contribution to the victory over fascism, ”Azat Abzalov said during the rally. We remind  that on the fronts of World War II almost all the writers and poets of Tataria fought – 123 people, more than half of whom did not return.

As  deputy chairman of the Union of Writers of the Republic of Tatarstan, poet Ramis Aimetov, today, house number 8 on Mislavsky Street with a memorial plaque is the only place of worship for Kazan citizens and guests of the city of Fatih Karim.

In memory of the Soviet and Tatar poet, a series of events are taking place today in Bagrationovsk, where he is buried: rallies near the memorial stone, where he fell, near his monument, as well as a gala evening dedicated to the work of Fatih Karim. In addition, admirers of the writer’s work will gather at a meeting at the Kaliningrad Museum, which stores a tablet named Fatih Karim from the place of his first burial, said the poet of Tatarstan, winner of the literary prize named after Fatih Karim Renat Harisov.





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