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Kazan hospitable

Kazan hospitable

In Kazan, the photo exhibition “Uzbekistan is a country of wide soul” has opened. It was attended by representatives of the State Council, the Assembly of the Peoples Republic of Tatarstan, heads of national public associations, cultural, artistic and scientific communities, as well as journalists.

The exhibition includes photographs of historical cities of Uzbekistan, landmarks, attractions, works by folk artists on ganch and wood, chasing, gold embroidery and costumes, as well as a variety of silk fabrics.

A separate area was dedicated to spiritual values, inter-ethnic harmony, religious tolerance that prevails in our republic.

In addition, within the framework a concert by People’s Artist of Uzbekistan O.Nazarbeko, which included popular songs accompanied by dance ensemble “Navruz” took place.

The reporter of Information Agency “Jahon” spoke with some of the participants of this cultural event, who had shared their impressions.

Deputy of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan Irek Sharipov:

For centuries the Tatar and Uzbek peoples have been associated by warm and friendly relations, and today we continue this tradition.

I am convinced that the ability to listen to each other, live peacefully side by side are important components of prosperity and the prosperity of any country.

Last year, I was lucky enough to take part in the Tatar national festival “Sabantui ” held in Tashkent. I was impressed by the level of development of modern Uzbekistan. At the same time, I am impressed by the commitment of the Uzbek people to preserve their traditions.

Noteworthy is an institution of local self-government as the “Mahalla”. This is truly a unique example of how the government helps society itself to build relationships and organizes a social life. I think a strong civil society, which has close contacts with the authorities, can be a model for many countries in the world.

Besides my attention was attracted by Uzbek youths, distinguished by their education, high level of intelligence, hard work and respect for the older generation. Boys and girls in your republic are very

sensitive to the history and culture of their country, careful preservation of indigenous traditions of the people. These qualities can be found in every modern society.

Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of the Peoples of Tatarstan, Head of the Executive Committee of the Assembly of the Council Nikolai Vladimirov:

Residents of Kazan gladly have accepted a photo exhibition. After all, such events not only allow you to learn more about each other, but also help to strengthen mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples, laying a solid foundation for mutually beneficial cooperation.

In Kazan higher educational institutions students from Uzbekistan are studying, and for young people who are temporarily here, such meetings are particularly useful, and allow you to feel constant spiritual connection with their homeland.

Vice-president of the Association of Workers of the Tatar National Education and Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan Gilandam Yakupova:

I have repeatedly visited sunny Uzbekistan and today at the photo exhibition I saw as positive changes had taken place in your republic during the years of independence.

For me, Uzbekistan, first of all – it is a modern country with a rich culture, beautiful scenery, sites and monuments of antiquity. But the most important property of it – it is good, hospitable and peace-loving people.

Tatar and Uzbek people enjoy very similar languages, cultures and traditions, and the existing potential of the two countries can further strengthen our friendly ties in all fields.

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