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Kazan is preparing for Sabantuy for a million euros

Kazan is preparing for Sabantuy for a million euros


May 29,2019

Almost 72 million rubles are ready to spend the Kazan authorities on wedding of arable land and plow. This money is intended for the celebration of Sabantui at four sites: in the Birch Grove near the village of Mirny, in the forest park at Lebyazhy Lake, at the Kazan hippodrome in Derbyshki. Bayanists and humorists will entertain people in the grove, and VIP guests will be treated with omul, sturgeon, duck breast in cowberry sauce and honey in honeycombs, at the racetrack, the audience will be delighted with the classic male vocal, and Lada Grant will be played at the Lebyazhny.

Less than a month is left before the celebration of Sabantuy in Kazan. Judging by the tenders announced by the city executive committee and district administrations, by June 23, their winners will have to carry out tremendous work: put up stylized log huts with washstands with heating, stretch tents with air conditioners, artistically throw haystacks, fit peasant carts, trucks with props, dishes , tablecloths, put dry closets for people and autonomous toilets with faience toilet bowls and VIP mirrors …

So, in order. The largest “sabantuyny” tender worth 38.6 million rubles was announced by the executive culture department. According to the technical assignment, the guests of the holiday in Birch Grove will first have to go through inspection zones and metal detectors, then the path will go to the stage where a grand 90-minute concert is planned with incendiary folk dances, songs, hits of the Tatar variety stage … Two reserved comedians and six girls of model appearance are also reserved – to meet the honored guests.

Regarding honored guests, special instructions are given. In a separate tent will be covered tables for 300 people. The menu includes grilled shrimps with garlic and greens, scallops and salmon, fried in olive oil with thyme, home-made noodle soup in chicken broth with triangles, Tatar pastries, pineapples, cherries, raspberries, fruit drinks, mineral water.

There are also special menus for 50 people. For them, the chefs should prepare such dishes as salted  omul, muksun, eel, hot smoked sturgeon with cherry tomatoes and greens, lightly salted salmon with capers, horse meat sausage with allspice, beef ham, boiled tongue with horseradish and homemade mustard, smoked duck breast on alder chips, tuna tartar with sesame oil and avocado, fruit platter with berries, cutting home-made cheeses.

For selected VIP-guests (20 persons) they will spread a self-prepared tablecloth in a wooden house with a terrace and a wood-burning stove, where they will be offered to undergo a culinary master class. Baked duck with cranberry sauce, zur balish (pie) with potatoes, veal and goose, horse meat stew with vegetables, honey comb, nuts, baklava, marshmallow … – gastronomic program is expected at the highest level.




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