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“Korban ashy” dedicated to Hasan Tufan

“Korban ashy” dedicated to Hasan Tufan

On September 30, the House-museum of Hasan Tufan in the Aksubayevsky District of Tatarstan featured an event “Korban ashy” dedicated to Hasan Tufan.

Guests of the event were head of the district K.K. Gilman, chief of the department of culture, H.E. Martynov, chief of the department of education A.K. Valiullina, founder of the museum R.A. Minkhanova, deputy chairman of RT Union of writers B.C. Sabirzyanov, people’s poet N. M. Gimatdinov, V.S. Gimatdinova, founder of the museum Gaziza Kashapova – Zagretdinova, A.S. Zuferov Ravil Hazrat, head of the rural settlement F.Z. Musabikov, writer R.M. Nizamova, Gubaidullin Ramzis Hazrat, B.M. Khametshina.

The event’s program: welcoming guests; sightseeing tour of the museum; korban ashy; reading the Koran; making proposals for the organization and holding Zonal Competition “Tufanovskie readings” on the promotion and popularization of the creative heritage of Hasan Tufan; watching a movie about Hasan Tufan.

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