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Language of Siberian Tatars received international recognition

Language of Siberian Tatars received international recognition

Discussions about a Siberian Tatars independent language or dialect is still Tatar literary were held in 90-ies of the last century. This autumn, Sibirskotatarsky was officially recognized at the international level as an independent language. International Organization for Standardization has assigned to it a personal code STI. It should be noted that UNESCO included sibirskotatarsky language in the list of languages under threat of extinction.

According to the forecasts of the candidate of philological sciences, associate professor of general linguistics Tyumen State University Maxim Sagidullin, if today measures will not be taken to preserve the language of the Siberian Tatars, it will disappear in the next 20-30 years. One of the main this is a migration of villages to large cities. And there begins a gradual Russification.

Today, in the region there are 53 schools with ethno-cultural component , three of them in recent years ceased to operate due to lack of students. In some schools, the area where the Tatar language is taught , parents write application – waivers from its study.

Children and parents should have a choice: to learn the native Sibirskotatarsky or Tatar language. Now schools with ethnocultural study of Tatar language and literature is given 2 hours a week. Possible implementation in our schools of Sibirskotatarsky language does not entail the disappearance of the Tatar literary. “The first step we made, phonetics, we have developed a schedule. The next step – rationing, we released the Russian – Sibirskotatarsky dictionary. Now, the minimum program – this is edition of grammar, then it must somehow expand and need to develop textbooks, “- says Maxim Sagidullin. Now social activists working hard to popularize Sibirskotatarsky language: publish books , textbooks and newspapers.

Dina Khalilova STRC Tyumen.

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