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Lessons of Tatar

Lessons of Tatar

At the central city library named after A.G. Turkin in Verkhny Ufaleye settlement (Chelyabinsk oblast ) lessons of the Tatar language are held for everyone.

Together with the staff of the library, the organizers of these lessons became the participants of the Tatar Cultural Center “Miras” and teaches of Tatar Idiya Salimova, who has a degree in teaching. As Idiya Gaynetdinovna described, these lessons are held for the third year and are intended to instill a love to knowledge of native language. It often happens that the person understands the Tatar language, can build a dialogue, but makes serious mistakes, which completely change the meaning of what was said.

Lessons are held in the library, distinguished from others by the fact that most of them are visited by the adults, not the children, but the organizers would like to see, pupils students interested in the language. Her classes Idiya Gaynetdinovna begins with a greeting in the Tatar language, and students should translated into Russian,

what she said. Then, as in ordinary classes at school, all participants are beginning to learn a new subject. In conclusion, the teacher asks all the homework on a past issue. While classes of the Tatar language are attended by not so much people as we would like, but it should be noted that all the lessons are free of charge.

As head of the Tatar Cultural Center “Miras” Reda Kabirova told in the plans – the creation of the women’s association “Kolfak” (this is a woman’s headdress). They will include needlework, embroidery, parenting by Tatar customs. Women will be taught how to cook ethnic dishes, and much more.

If you want to learn speaking the Tatar language, or, on the contrary, solidify what you already know, you are invited to the reading room A.G.Turkin library every Monday at 13.00.

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