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“Live so that after death not to die”

“Live so that after death not to die”

Under such a motto, Feb. 18, Yevpatoria hosted a Creative evening was held devoted to 108th anniversary of the famous Tatar writer and poet hero of the Soviet Union Musa Jalil (1906 – 1944). The event was organized by NGO “Crimean Republican Association of the Volga Tatars “Idel”, Department of interethnic relations of Evpatoria city council , Diaspora of the Volga Tatars in Evpatoria and Travel firm ” Altyn Tour “. It was attended by representatives of the city administration, the national- cultural societies, members of the Volga Tatars Diaspora of Yevpatoria, the guests from all over the Crimea.

As noted in his speech , Deputy Mayor of Evpatoria city Eduard Kugel , an event was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Crimea from the Nazis and is part of the development of amicable relations between the cities of Kazan and Evpatoria .

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