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Man of the Year 2018 “in Altai – Anvar Aminov

Man of the Year 2018 “in Altai – Anvar Aminov

Man of the Year 2018 “in Altai – Anvar Aminov

January 26,2019

Anvar Aminov, a citizen of Russia, our great state, uniting dozens of nationalities into one nation, each of which has the right to develop its culture, language, religious rites and national holidays, makes sure that Tartar people in Altai remember their ancestors, honored and remembered the culture of parents and grandfathers.

The local national-cultural autonomy of the Tatars annually, with the support of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan and personally President Rustam Minnikhanov, the governor of the Altai Territory, organizes  holding of the Tatar national holiday Sabantuy. It has long become an international one; not only Tatars, but also representatives of other nationalities of the region take part in it.

On June 17, 2018, the XXV Altai Sabantui roared on the “Turquoise Katun”. Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov personally came to the grand national holiday. Also, at the time of the administrative border of two friendly neighbors-subjects of the country, Acting  Governor of the Altai Territory Viktor Tomenko and  head of the Altai Republic Alexander Berdnikov met at that time.

It was an unforgettable flavor of friendship. Having been  woven from the colors of national costumes, dances, songs, demonstrations of handicrafts, delicious Tatar dishes (shurpa, pilaf, chak-chak …). But the main thing – pleasant communication between people and their leaders, created a marvelous mood of common joy.

But few people felt and appreciated the tension and moral efforts that were required to organize an event of this scale and level. From the category of those who create, among other things, a favorable climate for further personal contact between leaders of such a high rank. And the good relations of the leaders are an easy road for mutual economic and cultural development. But, more importantly, for the preservation of interethnic peace, respect for the traditions and culture of different peoples living for centuries a single family.

The heads of two national republics and the Altai Territory were brought together by Anvar Sultanovich Aminov to the Tatar holiday. In all these celebrations, he was literally “behind the scenes.” At least until Rustam Minnikhanov himself introduced him.







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